Don’t let rust destroy your palisade fencing in Cape Town, choose Topfence quality!

We love Cape Town, who wouldn’t, with the beaches, sun and sea on your doorstep, and, living anywhere in the Western Cape will get you close to a beach even if you have to drive a bit further than your doorstep, but, with all this joy comes the bane of our existence when it comes to that lovely salt-laden sea air that brings with it the not-so-joyful rust!

This corrosive air will squeeze in anywhere it can gain purchase and start eating away at the wrong kind of metal window frames, gates and fences, which starts you on a rollercoaster ride of yearly, expensive repairs!

Untreated metal can’t stand up to the sea breeze for long, so, while its great for our constitution, it’s not at all good for uncoated metal or steel.

One hot summer or fierce Cape Town winter, with the wild wind and rain it brings is enough to cower anything not designed to withstand this power of mother nature, which means that if you plan to buy or build, if metal or steel is involved, make sure it’s galvanised!

The best investment you can make for your property when it comes to security fencing is to choose a local manufacturer, one that knows this climate well and has a track record of success that is gained over many years in the industry.

If you want your investment in palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing to last, nothing less than the highest quality in galvanised steel will do for the Western Cape, giving you a durable crime barrier that can definitely stand the test of time in this region.

Topfence Palisade Fencing & Rigid Mesh Fencing

Having taken an uncompromising stand where it comes to quality and workmanship since day one in 2008, Topfence is able to offer you locally manufactured, galvanised steel fencing that will meet all the criteria that makes your investment worthwhile.

They stake their reputation on every fence they erect, and, with this level of commitment to excellence, they naturally have long term clients that will recommend this team, not only for the quality they bring, but also for the can-do attitude they bring to every project.

You won’t find any sagging fence coming apart at the seams with the name of Topfence attached to it, this team takes the long-term security of their clients too seriously to offer anything less than the best in perimeter fencing in Cape Town.

Topfence also offers affordable palisade fencing at highly competitive prices, and, best of, your initial outlay will be all you have to spend. You won’t be spending extra money every year repairing your fence, which is exactly what does happen with lesser quality fencing that may seem cheaper budget-wise.

Aside from the fact that this team manufactures the toughest palisade fencing around, they also produce some of the most attractive palisade fencing in the Western Cape, adding both monetary and aesthetic value to your property.

This is palisade fencing you can rely on to be tamper-proof and to be an outstanding long term investment. Topfence Palisade Fencing cannot be cut or climbed, nor will it sag or rust.

If you’re looking for the best in fencing solutions in Cape Town, give the friendly team at Topfence a call today, to find out more about how they can assist you to secure your residential or commercial property with the toughest perimeter security on the market.