Durable Palisade Fencing Designed To Withstand Harsh Weather

If you are looking for a full-service company that will take you from design to the manufacture of the best looking and most durable palisade fencing in Cape Town, then Topfence will provide you with the highest quality available!

Living in coastal regions makes it essential to choose your palisade fencing very carefully so that you are not put in the position of having to replace or repaint over and over again due to rust that forms very quickly in the coastal air. To ensure that our fencing is not only good looking and secure, but that will last for years to come, Topfence only uses components that are galvanised in the manufacture of our quality palisade fencing.

Through the many years, since starting out in 2008 the team at Topfence has been very aware of the increase in crime year after year that just keeps spiralling, and to this end, we are committed to take your security very seriously by providing the best quality in tamper-proof palisade fencing.

The Topfence range is not a DIY product as each fence is individually designed and manufactured to suit site specifications, and our expert consultants are available to do site inspections and do all the measurements required, free of charge. At the highly competitive prices that we offer for palisade fencing in Cape Town you just can’t get better than this!

Once you have chosen Topfence palisade fencing to protect your family and property, we will assist you in drawing up the plans for you palisade fence, which will be designed to suit your specifications perfectly.

Instead of putting up high walls that no-one can see in or out of, creating a higher risk of criminal activity going unnoticed, choose a palisade fence from Topfence which makes CCTV surveillance easy, and knowing that we use only SABS approved materials with which to manufacture our state of the art palisade fencing system, you can trust that your security will be of the highest standard.

What makes our system tamper-proof is our use of security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers developed by Topfence, as well as the unique bent horizontal section that eliminates the possibility of sagging. Topfence palisade fencing is the strongest system available in Cape Town due to the use of roll-formed palisade pale which has a stiffened rib.

Topfence is proud to be able to offer you warranties against any defective workmanship or materials, making ours the best possible choice in palisade fencing. Make Topfence your first choice and contact our team for a free quote and discover what service excellence is!