Choose Topfence Palisade Fencing for the toughest crime barrier

It’s unfortunate but true, that there simply isn’t a crime barrier that can guarantee 100% protection against escalating crime rates in South Africa, however, there are excellent ways in which you can make sure that your property is as unappealing as possible to a criminal looking for easy pickings.

The crime rate and rate of unemployment was bad enough towards the end of 2019, however, no one could foresee the havoc caused to lives and the economy that the COVID-19 pandemic brought by early 2020.

This is our new reality, and, in this new reality, even people who would never have resorted to crime have been forced to do what’s necessary simply to put food on the table in the face of mass unemployment and a climate of fear and insecurity.

There is some good news though, if you want to make sure that your property, whether residential or commercial, is as secure as possible and as inaccessible as possible too.

This good news is that palisade fencing has become the number one choice for property owners’ intent on protecting lives and property, in addition to other security measures that work really well in tandem with palisade fencing, such the addition of electric fencing to round off your palisade fence and CCTV.

In 2021 people are breaking down high walls to replace them with palisade fencing, in the main because crime experts have indicated that high walls don’t keep determined criminals out, especially from what they consider to be high-value targets.

Once they’ve gained entry to your property, no matter how high the wall is, they lie in wait for driveway gates to open and to pounce, and, once they have you and your family behind that wall that was supposed to keep you safe, they are free to do whatever they please without being disturbed.

Palisade fencing makes your property less attractive to criminals because gaining a foothold is a tough nut to crack, as is risking the spikes that line the top of your palisade fence, and, when you deal with Topfence, you’ll find that you can make those spikes as vicious as you like, just to make life even more dangerous for criminals!

If it’s real perimeter security you’re looking for, you cannot do better than durable, attractive Topfence Palisade Fencing!

The basics of palisade fencing & its makeup

Palisade fencing is made up of cold-rolled steel rails, which are commonly known as palisade pales, which are then attached to horizontal rails and connect to vertical steel joists.

The height is of the fence is also an important factor to consider, although a well-designed palisade fence doesn’t have to be too high just to make it more difficult to gain access to your property.

If your fence has been designed to keep criminals out, as long as they aren’t long jump champions, you can discuss the height with the team at Topfence for maximum protection.

While these may be the fundamental basics of palisade fencing, it’s very important that you know what type of material is used in the manufacture of your fencing, especially in Cape Town, with its corrosive coastal air.

Essentially, Topfence Palisade Fencing is, and always has been, a cut above the rest, especially because they manufacture fencing designed for the Western Cape using absolutely necessary galvanised steel components.

Not only is this the toughest fencing around, Topfence also manufactures tailor-made fencing designed to suit your design and site specifications, leaving you with a fence that not only acts as a top crime deterrent, but that also becomes a stylish addition or extension to your property.

The topping on your palisade fence

The team at Topfence will go through designs with you to find the most effective topping for your palisade fence. You have a choice of toppings such as a notch finish, single or triple point and a rounded finish, but it is here that you get to make it as unattractive to criminals as possible.

Imagine them trying to climb your fence and getting caught on the topping and you’ll get the idea of how much damage it can cause a criminal!

Topfence takes your security seriously!

Topfence has not reached its place as market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town for nothing. They’ve simply proven, without compromise, that they’re the team you can trust with the safety and security of your family and property after being in the industry since 2008!

The main benefits of Topfence Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is a definite visual deterrent to criminals. If it’s too threatening or too much trouble, the criminal heads for easier pickings, especially when they see that there simply is nowhere to gain a foothold in your fence.

This is tamper-proof fencing at its best! It can’t be cut or climbed, and unique security sheer nut fasteners ensure this, along with sandwiched fixers that can’t be interfered with.

You won’t have to spend a fortune on maintenance every year, and, your CCTV cameras will work very effectively with a clear line of sight outside your property. As mentioned, top off your palisade fence with electric fencing and you’ve pretty much shored up your security to the greatest extent possible!

Make the choice today to protect your family and property with the toughest crime barrier and most attractive perimeter fencing in Cape Town, by contacting the friendly team at Topfence for a free, no-obligation quote.