Top benefits of choosing palisade fencing as the #1 crime barrier for your property

With an ever-increasing crime rate, people are going to some pretty extreme lengths to protect their families, homes and commercial properties. These measures range from installing the very latest in state-of-the-art alarm systems, motion sensors and beams, as well fencing in their property.

Whether you’re going in for a full or partial installation of any of these high tech security measures, there is also a major benefit to choosing palisade fencing as your first line of defence on your property.

Increase safety & security at home

By choosing to install quality palisade fencing around your home, you’ll be making your property unattractive to any intruder intent on criminal acts. A tough palisade fencing system will also make your family feel safer, as well as creating a durable barrier between you and any potential threat from the outside. Because palisade fencing allows for you to see what is happening outside your property, you’ll know instantly if there is anything suspicious going on outside of your property, or if someone is trying to access your property.

SABS Approved quality

As all materials used to manufacture Topfence Palisade fencing are SABS approved, you can expect only the highest quality of fencing to be installed by a team of experts.

Palisade fencing produced by Topfence has an exceptionally long life span as a result of the fact that only galvanised steel is used in the manufacturing or these tailor-made, individually produced fences.

Fencing that needs no maintenance

When it comes to throwing good money after bad on the maintenance of an inferior quality of fencing, you can look forward to having a fence that will look great well into the foreseeable future, without draining your bank account!

Topfence palisade fencing or wire mesh fencing does not need maintenance! However, should there be any fault further on down the line, you can rely on the team at Topfence to offer you superb after-sales support. They’ve been around for a long time and will still be around for a long time to come!

Quick installation

You can expect a much quicker turnaround time when installing palisade fencing as opposed to building a boundary wall, especially with the Topfence team! This is a fencing solutions company that delivers every project on time, come rain or shine. This is a team with a reputation they value in terms of their reliability, honesty and down to earth attitude towards excellence in workmanship.

The best perimeter security for any property

Once you’ve met with a Topfence consultant for an-site inspection that’ll include meticulous measurement, you’ll have the advice and guidance of an expert in perimeter security to assist you in making the most of your fencing as a tough crime barrier.

These are simply a few of many more benefits attached to choosing palisade fencing as your first, and very effective, level of security!

Should you wish to find out more about how to invest in the very best in palisade fencing in Cape Town, contact the team at Topfence today? With over a decade worth of experience under the belt, this team has more than earned their place as the market leader in fencing solutions in Cape Town!