Everything you need to know about choosing the right palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town

Because the weather around the coast in Cape Town isn’t dry and carries a lot of salty air inland, it’s essential to take this into account when settling on the palisade fencing you want installed.

Palisade Fencing in the Western Cape has to be tough enough to withstand very hot, dry summers, very wet and windy winters, along with the addition of the all-pervasive salt air that causes havoc due to its corrosive effects and the rust it causes.

If the fencing you choose can’t meet these criteria, you’ll be fixing and maintaining it over and over again with each year that passes.

This is a case of quality fencing really being cheaper in the long run

If there’s one fencing contractor in Cape Town that has this down to a fine art, it’s the team at Topfence! They use only the finest in SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their unique palisade fencing system, designed for the coast!

This palisade fencing is designed using galvanised steel components, which ultimately leaves you with palisade fencing that won’t need maintenance every time we survive a brutal Cape winter!

Palisade fencing isn’t cheap, however, considering that it’ll be long term investment that won’t need maintenance, you’ll only be paying the initial layout, and your fence will look as good ten years from now as it does on the day it’s installed!

Because of the unique design of this tamperproof fencing, you can look forward to many years of great perimeter security fencing that won’t sag or pop bolts!

Invest in the wrong, cheap palisade fencing, and it’ll end up being far more expensive year on year, just to keep it from falling apart.

Because of our coastal air, it’s not a good idea to fall for what may look like a cheaper option, because this will cost you an arm and a leg in terms of maintenance, possibly even after the first rough coastal weather! It’s just not worth it if you want perimeter fencing that you can rely on to be a first class crime deterrent.

Everything you need to know about choosing the right palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town:

How long has the company existed, successfully!

The most you could do for yourself is to find out exactly how long a fencing contractor has been in the industry.  If they’ve been around

Make sure the contractor you choose has been in business for many years. This is a sure indication that you’ll be dealing with experienced professionals who’ll take your security as seriously as you do. You should also request recommendations from previous clients, and, if it’s Topfence you choose, that should seal the deal!

Choose a full-service fencing contractor for continuity & reliability

Ideally, you’d be better served by dealing with a fencing contractor in Cape Town that’ll take you from first contact and measurements right through to final installation, with no middlemen involved to cause delays or to muddy the waters where it comes to service delivery.

If you’ve chosen to work with fencing contractors at Topfence that are an absolute pleasure to deal with, you’ll be able to rely on the fact that service excellence is a given.  Your fence will be designed, manufactured and installed in exactly the time frame given; you won’t have to chase these guys up to finish the job. Not only that, you can also rely on after sales service from this team that’s hard to find these days!

Start with the team from Topfence in Cape Town!

Everything you need to know about palisade fencing in Cape Town is a mere phone call away. Contact the professionals at Topfence today to ensure you make the best possible investment in palisade fencing that’ll stand the test of time and the coastal weather, without a doubt!

This is affordable palisade fencing the hassle-free way!