All you need to know before investing in palisade fencing in Cape Town

When you’re planning to invest in palisade fencing that’ll have to endure the harsh weather conditions in and around Cape Town, you’ll need to make sure it’s made from the right stuff to withstand battering winters and sweltering summers!

Should you choose to invest in a cheaper, lower quality in fencing, your fence will start sagging and rust can easily set in, causing you to spend more and more each season just to keep the perimeter of your property somewhat secured.

No one can afford to compromise on their security today, whether at home or at a business! Crime rates keep rising, especially in the wake of the devastation the COVID-19 pandemic has caused our economy, and its impact on a grand scale in terms of job losses.

If you want fencing that won’t have you digging into the budget every season to maintain it, then Topfence galvanised steel palisade fencing will suit you right down to the ground!

This is serious quality, manufactured using state of the art technology and nothing less than locally manufactured SABS materials, producing a unique palisade fencing system that can’t be compared to any other on the market.

Installing palisade fencing is a rather big financial decision to make, and, if you want the best ROI, then Topfence Palisade Fencing will give it to you, and much more, well into the future.

How to choose the right fencing contractor in Cape Town:

Stability of the company

It’s essential to make sure that you dig into the history of a fencing contractor before you make any major decisions. You need to know how long the company has been in business, and, you also need to be sure that you’ll be dealing with professionals that take your security very seriously.

Customer recommendations

It’s easy to tell if you’re dealing with a company that has a long-term reputation for service excellence if you ask for recommendations from previous customers. It’ll give you a good feel for what you can expect from the contractor in terms of integrity, reliability and service delivery.

Choose a fencing contractor that offers end to end service

If you can go from start to final installation with one contractor, you’re in the pound seats. It means you won’t have to deal with multiple contractors pointing fingers at the next when things don’t happen as they should!

Choose tailor-made palisade fencing to suit your property

Nothing beats having your palisade fencing tailor-made by a local contractor. It means that your fence will be manufactured individually to suit site-specifications and your personal style.

If there’s one fencing contractor you can rely on for all of the above and more, it’ll be the friendly team at Topfence, who are market leaders in fencing in the Western Cape, without rival.

You stand to lose absolutely nothing by contacting the awesome team of experts at Topfence to find out more about how they can make investing in palisade fencing in Cape Town hassle-free and competitively priced!