How Do You Install a Security Fence?

There are a lot of factors to take into account when deciding to opt for a security fence as your first level of defence, and if you’re a DIY enthusiast willing to tackle this project, one of the first questions you’ll more than likely be asking is; how do you install a security fence?

Before you even consider tackling installing a security fence by yourself, you should take into consideration that it’ll be a very labour intensive project, one that’ll require a lot of physical strength and stamina.

It’s also well worth considering whether what you save on labour will be worthwhile in the long run, especially when it comes to installing a security fence that’ll offer low maintenance and long-term security.

A security fence that isn’t installed properly will leave you open to becoming the victim of crime, despite having a fence, and, since not all fences are equal, you could also be installing a fence that is easy to climb, cut or crawl under.

This is a DIY project that belongs with those who know the difference between the quality of fencing on the market and who will be able choose fencing that’ll go the distance, acting as a strong crime deterrent.

Criminals are adept at finding weaknesses in any fence that’ll give them access to a property, and, if the fence isn’t tamperproof, they’ll create a way in, without too much trouble.

How do you install a security fence?

Before you go out and buy all the supplies you’ll need to install a security fence, you’ll need to draw up plans for the fence according to whether you have a level ground or rocky, uneven ground to work with.

Once the planning phase is settled, it’ll be time to shop for quality fencing, and if you live in Cape Town, you’re going to have to make sure that the fence is galvanised or manufactured with plastic coating, in order to withstand the salt-laden air around the coast.

Making sure that you buy posts that’ll match the height planned for your fence once planted deeply enough is very important, as is investing in the right pales to meet between the posts.

Better yet, you can choose the team at Topfence to install the best security fence you could ever invest in, and trust that you’ll have a fence that’ll keep criminals out and give them nowhere to hide, for many years to come!

Security fences from Topfence in Cape Town

Topfence has been installing quality security fences in Cape Town for well over a decade, offering two of the best types of fencing available on the market for securing your family and property the right way.

Their unique palisade fencing and wire mesh fencing, otherwise known as Clearview Fencing is designed to offer you the highest level of perimeter security possible, with a durability that will outlast your investment for many years to come.

Topfence Clearview Fencing and Palisade Fencing is not, however, a DIY product. This is SABS-quality fencing that has been especially designed to withstand the coastal weather in the Western Cape, to offer you maintenance-free security fence that cannot be tampered with.

If you’d like to find out more about installing the right security fence, the right way, contact this team of friendly experts at Topfence today, to start on the right foot when it comes to securing your residential, commercial or industrial property.