How Long Does a Wood Fence Last Compared to Clear View Fencing?

If you live in wet, windy and very hot Cape Town, along with its salty coastal air, and you’re trying to choose the best fencing for your home, you’re more than likely asking the question; how long does a wood fence last compared to clear view fencing?

Wood fences look so pretty when they’re first installed, however, unless they’re well-maintained, it won’t take too long for it to begin to degrade and warp. 

If you’re looking at the durability of wood fences, no matter how sturdy they may appear to be, all it takes is one Cape winter storm, or South Easter Wind, and there could be a lot of damage caused to the fence.

Ultimately, this means a lot of time and effort spent on costly repairs to get the fence back into shape again. Keeping a wooden fence looking good and in healthy condition, is going to require a commitment to carrying out yearly maintenance.

Of course, the quality of the installation of your wood fence counts for a lot. If it isn’t properly installed, this is when the all-important support posts could begin to sink below ground, which is when the fence begins to warp.

How long does a wood fence last compared to clear view fencing?

When considering how long a wood fence lasts, keep in mind all that has been said about the high maintenance it requires, no matter how good the wood is.

So, taking that into account, a well-constructed, well maintained wood fence could last, according to the wood used:

Pine 5 to 10 years

Spruce 4 to 7 years

Cedar 15 to 20 years

In comparison, Clearview fencing seems like a dream, especially when the team at Topfence manufactures and installs it. Topfence Clearview fencing is designed using an innovative arrangement of wires that make climbing and cutting extremely difficult. 

In addition to this, Topfence uses a unique method of plastic coating (ideal for the coastal area), which offers you a fantastic 25-year maintenance-free lifespan, under normal conditions of course.

High maintenance vs maintenance-free

No matter how attractive a wood fence may look initially, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a high maintenance choice, aside from which, it’s also susceptible to damage that moisture can do, especially in the Cape.

On the other hand, Topfence Clearview fencing uses their unique posts and fixing system, to make it virtually impossible to tamper with or break through, and the weather systems have no effect on it at all.

The transparent views of the Topfence Clearview range are aesthetically pleasing enough to compliment any property, and its cost effectiveness beats any fencing of the quality on the market today.

Durability is a major quality you can expect from Topfence Clearview fencing, and, despite its transparency, it still offers the protection of a solid wall.

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