How Long Does It Take to Install Palisade Fencing?

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to go with the number one perimeter security in South Africa, your next question may be; how long does it take to install palisade fencing?

The answer is going to depend on more than just a few conditions, especially if you want an honest answer, but most of all, it’s going to depend on the size of the area you want to be fenced.

If you’re planning to buy palisade fencing in Cape Town, then Topfence is your best choice for honest answers to all the questions you may have about palisade fencing.

How long does it take to install palisade fencing?

You might be able to get a very basic estimation on how long it’ll take to install your perimeter fencing from Topfence, however, they’d rather do it the right way, which is to start off with measuring the area you want fenced in.

There are issues to be taken into account, such as the site conditions on your property, whether you want the palisade fencing to follow the contours of your property, or, whether you’d like it installed modular.

Topfence is the #1 palisade fencing manufacturer and installer in Cape Town, and, with well over a decade in the industry, there’s nothing sloppy in anything this team does when it comes to manufacturing and installing palisade fencing.

How to have your site measured for free!

Topfence offers a range of free services that make it easier on their customers to invest in quality palisade fencing in an economically tough landscape in South Africa, knowing that this is no Mickey Mouse investment.

The first of these free services is when a Topfence expert meets you on site to take meticulous measurements. Not only will he take the measurements, he’ll also be able to give you sound advice about which palisade fencing options and designs will best suit your property.

Topfence secures residential properties, commercial and industrial properties, as well as schools, security complexes, hospitals, parks and much more…no project is too big or too small for this team of professionals.

Next up, the free, no-obligation quotation!

Based on the measurements and your discussion with your Topfence representative, you’ll probably already have a pretty good idea about how long it may take to complete your project, and, once you’ve received the free quotation from this team, you’ll know you can rely on Topfence to deliver within the period of time stated on the quotation.

A superb reputation for service delivery & skilled workmanship!

Topfence has earned a reputation they’re proud of and work hard at maintaining, for delivering their projects on time, every time. These guys have been protecting families and businesses for long enough to be able to install your new palisade fence using experienced, highly skilled workmanship.

Contact Topfence today to invest in the toughest palisade fencing around!

The only way you’ll really know how long it takes to install quality palisade fencing is to contact Topfence today. This down-to-earth team is more than happy to give you as much advice as you need, to ensure that you have the most attractive and toughest palisade fencing around!

Topfence goes a long way towards keeping properties safe, with their tailor-made, individually manufactured palisade fencing, and you can look forward to free assistance at the drawing board, before your design heads to the manufacturing team!