How Much Does It Cost to Put a Fence Around Your House?

If you’re planning to upgrade the fencing around your home or install fencing on a new property, you’ll obviously be wondering about how it’ll impact your budget, which leads to the question; how much does it cost to put a fence around your house?

Because the types of fencing on the market vary greatly, along with the types and quantity of materials used for the different fences, finding out what it’ll cost to put a fence around your house will be made a lot easier if you first decide on what type of fence you want to invest in.

Fencing is a major but necessary expense when it comes to securing your home and family, which means that you’d be best served by dealing with well-seasoned experts in the fencing industry, especially if you want great returns on your investment.

At a time when the economy is in a complete slump, it’s a lot easier to make a major investment like this with professionals on your side, which would lead you to Topfence, who are market leaders in the fencing industry in Cape Town.

How much does it cost to put a fence around your house?

The full cost of your fence will also depend on the height and length of the fence, and if there are any gates to be included, as this will be an added expense.

Investing in the cheapest fence isn’t going to offer you much security, and it’s going to cost a lot to maintain, especially if you live in Cape Town and surrounds, where the coastal air poses an ever-present threat of rust and corrosion to low-quality fencing.

It will also cost less to install a fence on a relatively flat site, as opposed to installing a fence on an uneven, rocky terrain, but these are questions the expert team at Topfence will help you with right from the first time they inspect and measure the area to be fenced.

Why choose Topfence to put a fence around your house?

When you choose Topfence to install a fence around your house, you’ll be investing in a full package, from start to finish. This team is well-respected for the quality, design, manufacture and installation of the highest quality in unique physical barriers designed to offer you durable perimeter security.

Having installed more security fences than can be counted since they first started protecting customers well over a decade ago, this team has combined experience and knowledge, along with the use of the latest technology available, to place Topfence in the position of being able to offer high-quality Clearview Fencing and Palisade Fencing at highly competitive prices.

This fencing is tailor-made to suit the security level you’d like for your home and to add aesthetic appeal as an extension of your property, rather than merely acting as a tough and durable security barrier.

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There can be no doubt that with the quality of both Topfence Clearview Fencing and Palisade Fencing,  you’ll be making an investment that’ll suit your budget and offer you long-term, maintenance-free perimeter security designed to be tamperproof.

Contact the team at Topfence today to find out more about what it’ll cost to put a durable, attractive fence around your house today. Whether you choose Clearview Fencing or Palisade Fencing, you’ll be investing in the best fencing solutions in Cape Town with this friendly team.