How Much Does Wire Fencing Cost in South Africa?

How Much Does Wire Fencing Cost in South Africa?

Asking the question; how much does wire fencing cost in South Africa? If you are, then you need to know that there are a few factors that will influence how much the wire fencing will cost you.

With many home and business owners moving towards security fencing as the best perimeter security available, it’s worth taking into account that a quality fence that really lasts will cost you a bit more than cheap fencing that’s easy to cut or burrow under.

The height and length of the fence will affect the price of the fence, as will the terrain on which it is to be installed; the tougher, rockier and more uneven the terrain, the more it’ll cost to install fencing.

If you’re also going to add a pedestrian gate or vehicle gate, it’ll add to the total cost of your fence, and gates will be essential in order to ensure the security of your perimeter.

How much does wire fencing cost in South Africa?

To get a true reflection of how much wire fencing will cost, you’d do the best for your investment and security to speak to the team of fencing experts in Cape Town at Topfence.

This team manufactures the Topfence Clearview range of wire mesh fencing, and has worked in conjunction with architects, building contractors, local authorities, homeowners, security consultants, government organisations and developers for well over a decade now, offering an aesthetically pleasing but tough perimeter barrier designed to keep intruders out. 

The service excellence that is at the heart of this leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of a unique range of fencing that includes Palisade Fencing and Clearview Fencing, has made Topfence a market leader in the fencing industry in South Africa.

This means that you can trust this team to take the safety of your home and business seriously, and to deliver every project on time, ensuring not to waste your time or money!

Cost-effective Topfence Clearview Fencing

You simply cannot do better than investing in the quality, durability and attractiveness of Topfence Clearview Fencing if protecting your home or facility is a top priority for you.

With crime statistics constantly rising on the back of high rates of unemployment, combined with the knock-on effect the Coronavirus pandemic and war in Ukraine, which has had an increasing impact on the cost of living, good barrier security is your first line of defence.

The Topfence Clearview Fencing range not only offers you a cost effective solution to your wire fencing needs, it also offers the protection you could expect of a solid wall, except that it cannot be climbed!

Experience, combined with the use of the latest technology, has resulted in a fence with wires that are arranged in a way that they cannot be cut or climbed, which is exactly what you need as your first level of protection.

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If you’re considering adding quality barrier security to your property that’ll last up to and beyond 25 maintenance-free years, then choosing see-through, aesthetically appealing Topfence Clearview Fencing is the way to go!

Contact the expert team of fencing specialists at Topfence today to find out more about the cost-effectiveness of both their Palisade Fencing and Clearview Fencing. This team will help you to choose the best approach to meet all your needs for fencing, and the level of security that would most benefit your requirements!