How Much is a Wire Fence?

With more and more homeowners and business owners moving towards a more transparent type of perimeter security, rather than that of a wall, wire mesh fencing, otherwise known as Clearview Fencing, has become the top choice for people wanting to invest in a real crime deterrent to act as their security barrier.

If you’re interested in fencing as your option for perimeter security, you may be asking the question; how much is a wire fence? While there are really cheap wire fences on the market, it’s advisable not to throw your budget at this type of fencing, especially if you don’t want anyone being able to tamper with it or climb it.

If you want to make an investment in fencing that’ll last for 25 years or more, then you need look no further than anti-cut, anti-climb Topfence Clearview Fencing.

This is fencing that’ll give any facility or home an unobstructed view that will optimise CCTV surveillance, while at the same time giving intruders nowhere to hide.

How much is a wire fence?

The only way to get to the bottom of what a wire fence will cost will be to contact Topfence for a quote. This will give you a realistic platform from which to work where it comes to planning your budget for perimeter fencing.

What will influence the cost of your fence will be the length and height it needs to be, as well as whether or not you want to add extras such as gates or electric fencing to it.

There are many estimates on the web with regard to the prices on fencing, however, in an economy where prices are constantly being pushed up by the after-effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and war in Europe that’ll only see prices further affected in South Africa eventually, it would be best to let the experts at Topfence work with you to make your budget work for you.

What you can count on with Topfence is competitive prices for their high quality Clearview Fencing. This stems from the fact that this team designs, manufactures and installs their unique fencing solutions locally, and their determination to use local materials in the manufacture of both Clearview Fencing and Palisade Fencing.

Finance options for fencing from Topfence

If you’ve ever survived a break-in or robbery at home or at work, you’ll know the devastating affect it can have on your life, which will make fencing an even more attractive option for your safety in future.

If you’d like to minimise your risks of becoming a victim of a home invasion or armed robbery at your business, then investing in unobtrusive but tamperproof Topfence Clearview Fencing will be the best choice for you, however, not many of us have the ready cash available for an investment of this size today.

To this end, the team at Topfence put their heads together to offer customers the opportunity to invest in Clearview Fencing with easy finance options that can give you up to 24 months to pay, for an investment that’ll give you fantastic returns for 25 years or more.

What’s more, is that these will be 25 maintenance-free years that won’t cost you any more than your initial outlay in the fence! 

Speak to this awesome team of experts today about securing your property with the very best in fencing, at cost effective prices to meet with your budget!