How Much Is Clearview Fencing in South Africa?

As with anything that involves site measurements, materials to be used, site conditions along with any extras you may be interested in adding to your Clearview fencing, you may want to get a very basic idea of what you’ll be in for, which poses the question; how much is Clearview fencing in South Africa?

As prices rise on the heels of an embattled economy made worse by events on the world stage, it’s unfortunate that prices quoted today can easily change by tomorrow, such is the speed of inflation currently.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective perimeter security fencing solution, then you can’t go wrong with Topfence Clearview Fencing! Not only is this cost-effective fencing as an initial outlay, but it’s a superb quality of fencing that will outlast any others on the market, without draining your budget in terms of maintenance.

How much is Clearview fencing in South Africa?

You could be looking at prices that range between R1000 to about R1300 a meter on average for Clearview fencing in South Africa, however, this does not include installation, which is very important if you want your Clearview fencing to stand the test of time in terms of sturdiness.

As mentioned above, how much Clearview fencing you’ll need to secure your facility, warehouse, school or commercial property will vary according to site conditions, the ideal height of fence you require, as well as any additional extras you may want to add to increase the level of security around your property.

This is about adding maximum security to your home or business without compromise, and you couldn’t find more secure than Topfence Clearview fencing, not in quality, durability and style!

What materials makeup Topfence Clearview fencing?

If you’re going to invest in Clearview fencing, do it the Topfence way! As with their unique range of palisade fencing designed specifically for the coastal conditions around Cape Town, Topfence Clearview fencing is manufactured using a unique method of plastic coating, providing you with a fence that offers a lifespan of 25 years, maintenance-free!

More than this you couldn’t hope for in terms of high level perimeter security today!

Tamper-proof Clearview fencing

Having taken seriously the security of their customers since 2008, Topfence takes innovation and quality to a whole new level with their Clearview fencing. Through the use of unique posts and a unique fixing system, this team has worked to make it impossible to break through or tamper with this tough fencing system.

Fencing impossible to climb or cut

Topfence Clearview fencing cannot be climbed or cut! The tiny apertures in the way that the wires are arranged in this fencing makes it impossible to gain a foothold, cutting out the possibility of climbing, and Clearview fencing cannot be cut with any conventional type of tool.

This offers you a level of security few other types of fences can, making Topfence Clearview fencing the option that should be at the top of your list when planning to secure the perimeter of your property, to meet high levels of crime.

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Clearview fencing is, as mentioned above, one of the most cost-effective solutions for a truly tough, durable system of perimeter security. 

Contact this friendly team today to find out more about Clearview fencing prices in Cape Town, and to find out more about the unique Clearview fencing systems they’ve designed for different types of applications!