Getting the most out of your palisade fencing

Choosing to protect your home by installing palisade fencing serves as both a tough crime barrier but also an aesthetically pleasing extension of your property and its design features.

Palisade fencing is manufactured by making use of two horizontal running rails of fencing, to which vertical supporting pieces are attached to produce a highly effective perimeter security measure.

These pieces that make up the whole of the fence vary in length and size, all of which will depend on your particular requirements in terms of the site and in terms of design to suit your property.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your palisade fencing:

Choosing palisade fencing rather than a wall

As burglars don’t want to be seen when approaching your home, they often go for homes which are surrounded high walls with large bushes or trees that make a perfect hiding place for them.

By choosing to install quality palisade fencing, you’ll have a clear view of everything happening outside the perimeter of your property, which can give you a clear line of sit to be able to spot an intruder, before it’s too late. Palisade fencing can also be an aesthetically pleasing finish to the curb appeal of your property.

Breaking down perimeter walls & choosing palisade fencing

If you’re looking for a way to make your home visually appealing and don’t want to install palisade fencing around your entire home, you may want to consider a partial installation, especially on the side where your property borders on another. If you’ve chosen the team at Topfence to design and manufacture your palisade fencing to your desired specifications, you’ll have a final installation that suits you perfectly.

Palisade fencing is considered a big advantage in terms of good perimeter security, as you are able to see what’s happening beyond your perimeter wall, and, passers-by or the neighbourhood watch is able to keep an eye out for trouble on your property.

Palisade fencing finishes

One of the benefits of working with Topfence is that you’ll have a variety of finishes available in terms of the spikes at the top piece. The scarier these spikes are at the top of your fence, the less any criminal will even think of trying to climb your fence! If it’s longevity you want out of your fencing, then Topfence is the company for you! The committed use of high quality, SABS approved materials will ensure that you’ll have fencing that’ll last a lifetime!

CCTV & palisade fencing

CCTV and palisade fencing make an awesome team in protecting your property and allowing for early warning systems, whether visually or because of an alarm that’s activated. Palisade fencing allows you to make the most out of your CCTV you’ve installed at your home due to unobstructed views.

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