How to Make Palisade Fencing More Private?

Although it’s best not to cover or make your palisade fencing more private for security reasons, there are ways of making it more private, at least in terms of where your property borders with neighbours.

The major reason to invest in palisade fencing, is that it gives intruders nowhere to hide, even if they do manage to scale it, which, in the case of Topfence Palisade Fencing, wouldn’t be possible!

But let’s get back to the question; how to make palisade fencing more private? It’s entirely possible to make palisade fencing private enough for your neighbours not to see into your back garden, and there are a few really attractive options that work well in terms of creating more privacy.

The more important question is, do you really want to create this privacy from the street? Or, do you want to make sure that your home is open for your armed response company to be able to respond effectively to any suspicious activity on your property?

The same applies to neighbourhood watches, which are extremely effective in neighbourhoods that are predominantly protected by palisade fencing.

How to make palisade fencing more private?

If you do decide you’d like to keep the front of your home properly protected by palisade fencing, minus any covering, and to add more privacy to fencing adjoining your neighbours, it’s going to increase the cost of your palisade fencing.

If you decide you’d like to extend the privacy to the front of your property, the team of security experts at Topfence will be more than happy to offer you the best ideas available on the market, taking your budget into account, of course!

Topfence palisade fencing is tamperproof, can’t be climbed and can’t be cut, which means that even if you do add covering to this already stylish palisade fencing in Cape Town, your perimeter security will still be the toughest fencing around!

If you want the best crime deterrent to grace the perimeter of your property, there’s nothing to beat the unique palisade fencing designed, manufactured and installed by Topfence in Cape Town.

If you need the best fencing contractors in Cape Town, don’t miss the opportunity to work with a friendly, down to earth team that have been around since as far back as 2008!

Try these 3 options to make palisade fencing more private:

Investigate Nutec Cladding 

Nutec Cladding is a manmade product that has a high level of durability and strength due to the fibre used in its manufacture. A real bonus with this cladding is that it can be manufactured to look like wood; however, it will last so much longer than actual wood cladding.

Textured and smooth finishes are available in Nutec Cladding, and, you can paint the cladding installed on your palisade fence to match the finishes on the exterior of your home or business as well.

Investigate Instant Hedge

Instant hedge is a brilliant idea for making palisade fencing more private, and, while it looks completely natural, it doesn’t require any gardening skills at all, nor does it need watering!

Investigate Wood Cladding

This is a very expensive option, and, if you choose to go with Wood Cladding in wet and windy Cape Town, you’ll have to make sure that the wood is properly treated in order to protect it from harsh winters and rainy summers!

Choose Topfence Palisade Fencing as your framework!

You really can’t go wrong with Topfence Palisade Fencing, whether or not you decide to cover it and make it more private. This is palisade fencing at its best, tailor-made to meet the needs of individual customers.

Contact the team at Topfence today to find out more about this durable, stylish palisade fencing, and to find out more about the easy finance options now available from this awesome team.

They take your security seriously, which is why it’s a pleasure to work with Topfence. Nothing is too much for these professionals when it comes to protecting your family and property!