How to Make Palisade Fencing?

Keeping your family, pets and property safe is at the top of the list of priorities for us in a world that’s spiraling out of control in terms of crime statistics, and, if you’re going to invest in palisade fencing as a crime deterrent, it’s best to do it the right way.

Although it may not be too tough technically to make palisade fencing, you’re going to need a strong back for this labour-intensive task if you’re taking the DIY route.

You’re also going to need a lot of time on your hands in order to make a palisade fence, that’s for sure, and today time is most definitely money, no matter which way you look at it.

This isn’t a DIY job for just anyone, it’s going to be a tough project to tackle on all fronts, which is why it’s infinitely better to invest in a quality palisade fence that’s manufactured and installed by seasoned professionals.

You can be absolutely certain that you’re going to get a better return on investment when you choose Topfence fencing contractors instead of doing it yourself!

Still, you may be asking the question; how to make palisade fencing? On paper the answers may look reasonable; however, once you’ve done it yourself, there are no warrantees to fall back on and no professionals to call on if anything should go wrong.

How to make palisade fencing?

We’re going to look at making a good ole fashioned palisade fence made out of wood; coming at it from the point of view of having the picket fence many dream of.

If you’re into a traditional type of palisade fence, with flowerbeds and shrubs completing the picture, then this is for you. If you live in a security complex then you probably already have galvanised steel palisade fencing surrounding the complex to act as the major crime deterrent, so you can afford to get artistic about this DIY project.

It needs to be said here that as far as security goes and longevity of the fence, wood isn’t the best idea, especially living in Cape Town! 

Let’s look at the bare basics of what making a palisade fence will involve:

First step

This is where you need to plan out your fence, and, hopefully you have the skill to be able to draw it to scale on graph paper. This is an important step, as this is where you’ll be able to decide on how much timber you’ll need.

In general, a strong fence is made with fence posts that are at most 6 feet apart. If you’re going for a six foot fence, you’ll need to take into account that you’ll be adding at least two or three rails as well as the pickets.

Second step

This is where you get to the real grunt work, digging the holes for the posts, which need to be at least 3 feet deep. You need the poles to be nine feet high, so that by the time you’ve packed the soil around them, you’ll have your six foot high fence. 

This is going to involve either a spirit level or string strung between the posts, to ensure that they’re level and in a straight line.

Third step

This is where you get to connect the horizontal rails to the fence posts, which should be started at the lowest one. It’s generally advised that you connect the top rail more or less 8 inches above where you’ll be placing the pickets, to set out the bottom of the fence, and that you use galvanised nails to avoid rust.

Fourth step

If you want more durability, nailing the pickets (vertical rails) with galvanised nails will be best, again to avoid rust.

The best step – Topfence Palisade Fencing that lasts a lifetime!

We know that a wooden palisade fence can be cut or climbed, which means that if its security you’re worried about instead of just keeping pets in or out, then only an SABS quality galvanised steel palisade fence will do as the toughest crime deterrent to protect family and property!

Before you decide to tackle making a palisade fence yourself, do yourself a favour and contact the professionals at Topfence in Cape Town! 

You’ll find that your investment will be safe and will last a lifetime, without having to fork out a fortune on maintenance year after year.

Topfence has been protecting customers for going on 14 years now, and, with a full-service experience awaiting you, from drawing board to manufacture and installation, you’ll have one awesome team of expert fencing contractors on your side, to make your investment in perimeter security count!