How to Paint Palisade Fencing?

So, your question is; how to paint palisade fencing? Well, while the answers may help, you shouldn’t really have to wonder about how to paint palisade fencing yourself, not if you’ve invested in quality palisade fencing designed to withstand the elements around the coast of Cape Town!

If, however, you’ve already had someone other than Topfence design, manufacture and install your fence, then you probably really need to spend more than you should on maintenance, in which case, knowing how to paint the fence will matter to you.

You’ll also want to make sure that once the fence has been painted, that it’ll last more than just a season or two, because it otherwise becomes a very expensive effort if you have to do it more than that.

How to paint palisade fencing?

The first thing you need to take into account if you’re going to take the DIY route to painting palisade fencing yourself, is that because it’s manufactured using steel, maintenance is going to be a regular thing, especially if you want the fence to survive stormy, windy winters, and scorching but rainy summers in Cape Town.

You’ll need to use a metal paint of high quality, and, as far as prepping goes, well, you’re looking at having to use a paint stripper to get rid of any residue paint that may be peeling on the fence. Pretty tough work this! 

If you’ve ever looked at the price of Rust-Oleum, you’ll know it costs a pretty penny, so, if you’ve got rust spots on the fence, that’s a big dent in your budget already, aside from the paint stripper. 

Beware…you can’t use a rust remover on galvanised steel, so, if there’s rust, you’ve hit your first brick wall in the process!

You’ll then have to degrease and rinse the fence with water to get rid of any grease, oil or grime before you get to the primer stage. Tired yet?

Next up is the primer, which is designed to protect the fence against degrading or metal corrosion, which, if not done properly, will have you dealing with corrosion on a regular basis.

Now to the last and probably most fun part of the entire process, painting the fence the colour you like! Hopefully you have a paint store you can trust to ensure you use high quality products from start to finish, including this final stage that requires, wait for it; a water based enamel paint.

No doubt by now you can just hear the dreaded sound of purchase after purchase draining your bank account, and you haven’t even considered how much time this will cost you yet!

Why not let Topfence do it all for you, for a great ROI!

Let the investment in high quality, unique palisade fencing from Topfence save you all this time and money with the single investment in a maintenance-free, galvanised steel palisade fencing system!

You deserve to know what your options are for quality palisade fencing in Cape Town that doesn’t require you to do-it-yourself!

By investing in quality palisade fencing designed specifically to give you many years worth of security, especially in the coastal weather around Cape Town, you’d be saving so much money in maintenance, and it’ll be painted the colour you choose.

Contact Topfence today to find out more about this tailor-made, individually manufactured palisade fencing that’ll give you a fantastic ROI, not only in terms of perimeter security, but in terms of adding resale value and aesthetic value to your property!