Here’s how your business can benefit from the security of palisade fencing

Businesses everywhere today are doing all they can in an effort to ensure that they have sufficient security measures in place to combat crime, which has become so crucial off the back of crime rates increasing at a constant pace.

Not only is it of great importance that you protect your business, but that you also to take the safety of your employees into consideration, which is where choosing the best perimeter security plays a major role as your first line of defence.

There are many benefits to installing palisade fencing, but here are just four ways in which your business can benefit from a tough crime barrier like this:

Controlling access to your premises

In terms of instituting strict access control on your premises, palisade fencing serves as an excellent boundary to your premises. With designated entry and exit points to your property, and combining this with the hiring of an external security company to maintain control at these points, you’ll know exactly who is entering and exiting your premises as they have to sign in and out.

Parking security

Car jamming is a technique that’s very popular in terms of stealing cars. Thieves make use of a device that blocks the signal of your car, so that not all your doors will lock, which allows them to gain access to your car without your knowledge.

Choosing to fence off your parking area as well as having dedicated entry and exit points will reduce opportunities for car thieves to gain entry into your car.

This isn’t the only way you benefit in terms security on your property. When you use a perimeter fence on your premises, it’s easier to stop people who may not be your customers from parking on your premises.

Secure parking reduces a lot of risk to the safety of yourself and your employees, and will keep out those who are looking for a parking space which is secured, instead of using public parking.

Minimal maintenance costs

If you choose Topfence to design and manufacture your security fencing, whether you choose palisade fencing or wire mesh fencing, you won’t be forking out a large chunk of cash on maintaining this high quality in fencing.

As a result of the quality and durability of raw materials used to manufacture Topfence fencing solutions, in addition to the fact that they use galvanised steel to increase the lifespan of your fencing, you can look forward to an excellent ROI.

Keeping customers safe

Most people are hesitant to park in public places today, especially since crime syndicates become more and more sophisticated in their methods of stealing vehicles, however, your customers will appreciate the fact that you have secured your premises with the best in perimeter security.

Strict entry and exit control points for both foot traffic and vehicles in and out of your premises are just basic benefits to choosing either palisade fencing or wire mesh fencing to protect lives and property in the best way possible today.

If you’re ready to find out more about how to secure the perimeter of your property, be sure to contact the friendly team of experts at Topfence today, to get the ball rolling towards the toughest in crime barriers around!

With more than a decade worth of experience in the fencing solutions industry, the team at Topfence will clarify any concerns you may have relating to the costs, design, manufacture and installation of the best solution to protect your business.