Is the first level of access to your property enough of a crime deterrent?

Property security no longer starts at your front door, rather, the emphasis is now placed on stopping the bad guys at the perimeter, before they can set foot on your property to commit a crime. This should be where a quality perimeter fence steps in as the best solution, giving you a clear line of sight around your property, from the inside out, and outside in!

Even having cameras installed at the gates of high walls surrounding your property isn’t sufficient warning or protection anymore. As security measures become more sophisticated, criminals become just as sophisticated, enough that before you know it, they’ve found another ruse or another way that’ll allow them to gain access to your property.

The only type of perimeter security that will allow you as clear a line of sight as possible, and work more effectively with CCTV surveillance will be tamper-proof, well designed palisade fencing that cannot be climbed or cut, and that gives criminals nowhere to hide.

The idea is that all your property security measures work well together, however, being able to see who is coming and going ranks high on the list for excellent perimeter security.

Topfence has designed and manufactured a quality of palisade fencing that has become the #1 crime barrier in Cape Town for almost 12 years now, bringing to this coastal region palisade fencing that can withstand all the corrosive elements of the blackest South Easter and still look stylish!

Not a detail has been skipped in the production of Topfence palisade fencing! From the galvanised steel components used in the manufacture of this unique palisade fencing system right through to the exceptional standard of workmanship, which is evident at any Topfence installation.

Topfence proves over and over again with each installation, that security can be aesthetically pleasing, and that it need not make your property look like a prison. In fact, because each fence is individually manufactured, this team will help you to design a palisade fence that’ll enhance the visual aspect of your property and still serve as a powerful deterrent to criminals!

Any Topfence client who has already lived with this durable, effective and affordable palisade fencing will be more than happy to recommend this team, which is the kind of security that helps when you’re not sure about which fencing contractor you’ll trust with your property security!

Let this reputation for exceptional quality and service excellence earned by the team at Topfence make it easy for you to contact them to get serious about perimeter security, sooner rather than later!