Is your home protected by the best perimeter security fencing available in Cape Town?

Strange as it may sound, if you’d like to make your property an easy target for criminals, build a wall, and, if you want to make your property one that is just too much trouble for them to bother with, install the best palisade fencing available in Cape Town!

The walls may get higher, with additional sophisticated security measures, but you’d better believe that crime syndicates are just as sophisticated at get through these measures, and, if they’ve determined that yours is a high value target, they’ll scale that wall!

Another negative about a wall is that once the perimeter has been breached and an alarm has been triggered, its already too late, and, at the rate that home invasions are escalating, especially in terms of the violence designed to terrorise families, it’s worth looking at other perimeter security measures that are a far more effective crime barrier!

What makes Topfence Palisade Fencing the top choice as the toughest tamper-proof perimeter security in Cape Town?

It’s virtually impossible to climb

The team at Topfence will make sure that in the tailor-made design of your new palisade fence you’ll have spikes that will offer no purchase place for feet and, that will carry with them the penalty of untold pain if attempted!

Add electric fencing to the top of your Topfence Palisade fencing and you’re set for offering a hard target for any criminal!

It’s tamper-proof in the extreme!

Even if a criminal is walking around with a toolbox, he’s not going to be able to cut your palisade fence or tamper with the unique design of the nuts and bolts manufactured by Topfence!

It’s the toughest crime barrier around & its maintenance free!

Topfence Palisade Fencing is the toughest crime barrier on the market and it’s maintenance-free! Should you ever need assistance from the team at Topfence after installation, you can rely on the fact that this stable fencing Solutions Company has been around since 2008 and will still be there, should you ever need the best after-sales service ever!

Topfence Palisade Fencing is manufactured specifically to withstand the coastal weather around the Western Cape, using only the highest in SABS quality materials to manufacture this long-term galvanised steel palisade fencing designed to last!

Choose Topfence Palisade Fencing as the best perimeter security fencing for your property in Cape Town!

Should you choose to work with the friendly, down to earth team at Topfence to protect your property, you can look forward to a full-service experience, from start to finish, with these professionals.

This team starts off with 3 free, no obligation services consisting of:

  • On site measurements
  • Obligation free quotation
  • Assistance at the drawing board for your tailor-made, individually manufactured palisade fencing system!

Contact Topfence today to find out what it’s like to enjoy the benefits of great, professional service that takes you from point A to Z, without skipping a beat!