Is your perimeter security as good as it should be?

Here’s what an average South African can expect in terms of crimes that can hit them in what is perceived to be the safety of their own homes;

Home invasions

Home invasion robberies have become extremely violent today, and though most would believe that these crimes occur when no one is home, this isn’t the case.

It’s an unfortunate fact that criminals prefer to attack when people are at home. The reason for this is that when people are at home, the alarms are turned off, and, when criminals gain access, they are able to force the occupants to point them to where any valuables are kept.

Criminals will also target a home that seems of high value to them, and, once routines of the occupants have been established, wait for them to leave and then attack, forcing victims to give them free reign in the home.


Carjacking’s have become equally violent and happen most when people either leave or arrive home, turn alarms off and open gates.  If a criminal has managed to scale a wall and enter the property to wait for someone to arrive, the danger of violence and home invasion is increased.

Another trick is to lie in wait for someone to come home and pull into the driveway, and then come at the victims from behind, effectively blocking any escape.

In a situation like this, criminals force victims into the home, rob them and then leave with the vehicle.

This is why perimeter security has to be the best. It’s your first line of defence when your home becomes a target.

Perimeter walls are not a good idea, right off the bat.  They allow criminals an opportunity to scale the wall and do as they please, without anyone being able to see them.

The best place to start with perimeter security is to make your property as unattractive as possible to criminals by installing palisade fencing.

Why palisade fencing? Ask the customers who live safely behind palisade fencing manufactured and installed by the experts at Topfence! This team has been securing homes and businesses since 2008 with their unique palisade fencing system.

This is palisade fencing can’t be cut, climbed or tampered with in any way. It also affords a criminal no place to hide due to the fact that they can be seen from inside and the outside of the property, before they even try to make a move.

It becomes far more convenient for the criminal to look for what he considers a ‘softer’ target, one without palisade fencing, which is exactly why Topfence has become the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

CCTV is far more effective as well, when combined with palisade fencing, as it has a clear view inside and out of the property.

Not only does Topfence manufacture palisade fencing that’s durable, it’s also stylish, and, with vehicle gates, sliding gates and swing gates thrown in for good measure, this is perimeter security at its best.

Of course your other lines of defence could include burglar bars that can’t be cut, motion sensors or electric fencing on top of the palisade fencing, for extra measure!

If you’re planning to secure the perimeter of your property, speak to the team at Topfence. They’ll make sure that by the time you receive your free quotation, based on a free site visit, you’ll know that you’re doing the best possible to protect your family, home and business.