Keep criminals at bay with the toughest palisade fencing in the Cape!

21st Century architecture has evolved to the point where the more light that can be let into any home or corporate office the better, creating the illusion of space and clear lines, and with decorative window films which can be used for privacy and protection, it seems only natural that perimeter security would, and has, followed suit.

This is a job that has been filled admirably by Topfence Palisade fencing in Cape Town, designing a unique palisade fencing system that’s easy on the eye but acts as a prime deterrent to criminals.

It’s unfortunate that people think that putting up high walls around their properties will serve to give them a maximum of protection, but recent studies have shown that the exact opposite is true.

By choosing Topfence Palisade fencing, you’re actually increasing the security of your family and property by giving anyone intent on criminal activity no place to hide, nowhere to climb and nothing to cut, as opposed to a high wall that’ll merely serve to conceal their activity once they get into your property.

Scaling a wall is not difficult at all for a determined, professional criminal! They know full well that once inside the property, they have free reign to do as they please since no one can view the property from outside, and security patrols are not allowed to climb walls if an alarm goes off, which defeats the purpose of the alarm completely.

A Topfence Palisade perimeter fence allows for passers-by, neighbourhood watches and security patrols to have a clear view of your property from its exterior, palisade fencing one of the best crime barriers possible! Besides which, Topfence Palisade fencing is a really attractive addition to your property.

Topfence Palisade has designed and manufactured their own unique brand of high quality durable palisade fencing, using only the best in materials, since 2008, producing tailor made palisade fencing to suit the specifications of each client.

Through a sheer dedication to service excellence and a superior product, Topfence has built good relationships with an extensive list of satisfied clients who are more than happy to recommend this team of experts who offer outstanding service excellence, just ask them and they’ll tell all!

Open up your property, so that there is nowhere for a criminal to hide by contacting the friendly team of experts at Topfence Palisade Fencing, for quality at affordable rates!

A real bonus with this outstanding fencing solutions company in Cape Town is that they’re so open and down to earth that even if you’re not yet ready to sign on the dotted line, they’ll share prices and advice freely with you!