Look forward to a great ROI by installing Topfence unique palisade fencing

If you aren’t in the market for anything but the best in palisade fencing in the Western Cape, then the best place to start is with the guys at Topfence!

This team has made sure that any customer that puts their hard-earned cash into installing a Topfence palisade fencing system will be sitting pretty behind one of the best investments they’ve made.

Topfence palisade fencing is designed, manufactured and installed throughout the Western Cape, bringing to homes and businesses the finest galvanised steel perimeter fencing on the market.

While you make the investment in a durable, stylish palisade fence, Topfence continues its commitment to the economy of the Western Cape by sourcing and using the best of local, SABS approved materials.

This commitment to local materials is the foundation for the fact that Topfence is able to offer affordable palisade fencing that allows for a bit of leeway in your budget.

Because this fencing is manufactured using galvanised steel, you can also look forward to a fence that won’t rust, sag or peel, making it the most durable fencing in Cape Town and the surrounds.

What this means is that you won’t be forking out money on high maintenance costs, or worst case scenario, replacing the fence.

The only reason anyone would have to replace a fence, or spend a small fortune on repairs, is if the fencing is cheap and hasn’t been installed properly.

DIY fencing will never hold a candle to the quality of fencing Topfence is able to produce, which is why only accredited installers are allowed to install this unique palisade fencing.

Customers will tell you that the service excellence this team has brought to each project has been outstanding, and considering that Topfence has been around for over ten years, this service excellence still remains the hallmark of this team and all they do.

Designed according to site specifications, this durable palisade fencing is adaptable to individual site conditions, and, with the free assistance this team offers at the drawing board, you’ll have palisade fencing that won’t only keep your property safe, it’ll look great too.

Naturally, Topfence also offers matching, high quality pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates, completing the aesthetic appeal this fencing adds to any property, commercial, residential or industrial.

Before you start working out your budget for palisade fencing, the down to earth guys at Topfence will be more than happy to talk prices with you, all they want is to make sure that when you do invest in fencing, you’ll be choosing quality.

On the other hand, at your request, Topfence will send a representative to meet you on site, so that precise measurements can be taken on which your quotation will be based, the one you won’t have to wait for!

These are both free offerings that help customers to settle on their budget before the big step. Another freebie offered by Topfence is the helping hand they’re happy to lend in drawing up plans for what will be the best in perimeter security.

Before you even think of throwing your money at backyard fencing contractors, talk to Topfence, they’ll make sure that you know the difference between long-lasting quality and cheap imitations.

Give them a call, or alternatively, fill in the online contact form and Topfence will get back to you in a jiffy to assist you in making an investment that’ll give you a great ROI!