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You’ll have the benefit of many years’ worth of experience on hand while meticulous measurements are done, where various options available to you will be explained, such as whether you’d prefer modular palisade fencing, or fencing that follows the natural contours of your property.

When added to the affordable prices offered by Topfence, you’ll find that these are all valuable points that’ll contribute to your ability to make an informed decision about right perimeter security for your property.

Aesthetics are not what is generally associated with security fencing, but, when choosing these experts to install their unique palisade fencing system, you’ll be making it an investment that not only secures your property, but adds lasting long-term value to your property.

Without a doubt, you can rest assured that the high quality of Topfence palisade fencing is unrivalled in the industry today!

By applying the latest in technology available on the market, and mixing this with raw materials of the highest quality, most of which is sourced locally, Topfence has produced palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing that’s durable, affordable and designed specifically for this coastal region and its salty air!

We’re talking tailor made fencing solutions here, in which the Topfence manufacturing plant designs and produces individual fences as they are ordered, sized to specification based on your choice of design.

These guys certainly don’t waste your time! Once you’ve accepted a quote from Topfence, the entire crew shifts into high gear to make sure that your security fence is installed quickly and efficiently, using expert workmanship, proof that Topfence truly cares about the security of their customers, an admirable job they’ve been doing since 2008!

The unique palisade fencing designed and manufactured by Topfence is their direct response to rising crime rates, and to prove its effectiveness as a crime barrier they’ve designed tamper-proof fencing that’s hard to climb, impossible to cut or hide behind.

This gives you a clear view of what’s happening outside your property, as well as making CCTV surveillance a lot more effective. In addition, this fencing makes it easier for members of armed response units to view the property from outside and to respond accordingly!

You’ll find Topfence palisade fencing protecting residential, industrial and commercial properties, including schools, hospitals, public parks, shopping malls, churches and security complexes. If it’s a property that needs a great crime barrier, then the Topfence team will gear up to protect your home and business property.

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