Here’s where you’ll find the best full-service fencing contractor in the Western Cape!

Start with Topfence, and end with Topfence, with no hitches or anyone else muddying the job of providing you the best in palisade fencing in-between! This is what real end to end service is all about, and it’s the team at Topfence that have made it a fine art, based on many years’ worth of experience in the industry!

Producing quality crime barriers is the only focus at Topfence, where even being able to deliver palisade fencing at competitive prices is all part of the bargain!

Topfence finds its home in Cape Town, which is the perfect climate for their unique brand of palisade fencing that can be seen throughout the Western Cape, from Sea Point to Somerset West.

What you can expect from Topfence is a team that carries out on-site measurements free of charge, along with valuable insight into your fencing options.

You’ll also have free assistance at the drawing board to suit your individual taste, after which the team moves on to the manufacturing stage.

It is here that nothing but the best in locally sourced materials is used to manufacture this tailor made palisade fencing.

The magic ingredient at Topfence is that their palisade fencing not only functions as a highly effective crime barrier, but that it shows unexpected style and attractiveness that makes this security easy on the eye as well.

It requires experience, knowledge and innovation to manufacture each fence individually, which of course means that this palisade fencing isn’t fencing can buy and install yourself as a DIY project. This fencing demands the professionalism and expert workmanship of those approved and trained to install Topfence palisade fencing!

This is the top fencing system that’s tough enough to handle the salty coastal air for many years after installation, an objective in design that is reached through the use of galvanised components throughout the system, making sure that rust is not an issue for this tamper-proof palisade fencing!

As a result of manufacturing their own high quality product locally its tough to beat the competitive prices this team is able to offer clients, making it easy for customers to have the very best security fencing at prices to suit every budget.

Palisade fencing is considered the best option for keeping out intruders who, in general, find palisade fencing too much of a hassle to try climbing. And, since Topfence palisade fencing can’t be tampered with, hidden behind, climbed or cut, criminals will tend to go elsewhere for a softer target.

This is reality we’re talking about here, not scare tactics to get you to buy into something of no value. The reality is that as unemployment rates rise in a tough economy, along with crime statistics that keep getting worse, we are forced to find and invest in the best first line of defence for our properties, and nothing beats palisade fencing as the toughest protection for hearth and home!

Let Topfence introduce you to attractive palisade fencing that’ll keep your family and property safe. Irrespective of how big or small your property is, this a team you can rely on to make sure you have the very best security barrier in the Western Cape!