Points to ponder if you’re not sure about whether to choose palisade fencing or a wall for perimeter security

There are a few points to keep in mind if you’re leaning towards palisade fencing as the first line of defence on your property to protect your family and property, whether residential, industrial or commercial.

A word to the wise; stick with a reputable fencing solutions company to make sure your investment is safe.  With a company like Topfence, you’ve got over 10 years’ worth of experience and knowledge that’ll stand you in good stead when making an investment like this that’s by no means a small one.

An excellent reputation, happy customers and the knowledge that this is a company that won’t melt into the sunset a day after installing your fence, is the type of assurance you deserve going in.

Now to the points to ponder:

  1. Palisade fencing in Cape Town has to be very special! The coastal air takes its toll wherever it can, which is why Topfence uses only the highest quality in galvanised steel and other materials with which to manufacture their unique palisade fencing system.


  1. Palisade fencing is a far better choice if you want your children and pets to have the freedom to play safely in the garden, without high walls that’ll be of little use once a criminal scales them.


  1. As we all know, living in the Western Cape means wet and windy winters and broiling summers, which means that the palisade fencing you choose has to be exceptionally durable, and able to withstand the worst of it, year after year, without having to be replaced.


  1. Criminals are decidedly put off from bothering with your property when they come up against high quality, tamper-proof palisade fencing. It’s a painful proposition to think about climbing it, and, as with Topfence palisade fencing, even a cutting torch will do no good in getting through it!
  2. This is one form of perimeter security that adds value to your property, it’s what buyers are looking for, especially with statistics that go a long way to proving that high walls are simply an invitation to criminals intent on entering your property. Once over the wall, a criminal is able to hide his activities behind the same wall that’s supposed to protect you and your family.


  1. A high wall means that even if an alarm is triggered, your security company is prohibited by law to climb over your wall. On the other hand, they are easily able to follow up on any suspicious activity when all they’re dealing with is a palisade fence.


  1. Palisade fencing offers security and aesthetic appeal to your property. Choosing the right colour and style makes this type of perimeter security an attractive, stylish extension of the property.

And finally, your investment in palisade fencing of the quality that Topfence manufactures will be one that’ll look after you, your family and property, far into the foreseeable future, without spending a fortune on maintenance.

Topfence palisade fencing is designed to last, and this team puts their money where their mouth is by offering warrantees against defective workmanship and materials, and they’ll be around to honour these should it be necessary. They’re going nowhere!

If enjoying the benefits of a complete service that takes you from manufacturing to the installation of your palisade fence appeals, make sure you contact this awesome team to weigh in on your decision about whether you’ll opt for a high wall, or for the most durable palisade fencing system in Cape Town!