Protect your home & business property with high quality affordable palisade fencing

Before you take the decision to erect a high wall around your property for security, make sure you investigate the superior benefits looking at palisade fencing as a greater alternative, one that is far less attractive to would-be criminals!  It really doesn’t matter how high a wall is, criminals can and will find a way over it, and once inside, have free reign to do whatever they like, without being observed.

This means you can’t see them coming, nor can anyone else from the street view of your property.

Palisade fencing of the quality designed and manufactured by Topfence offers the transparency you need that will give nowhere to climb or hide without being observed by passing traffic, security patrols or by anyone within your own property. Ultimately this leaves them in plain sight on all sides, which isn’t a comfortable feeling for them!

There isn’t a property that can afford to be without some form of perimeter security, especially not in a climate in which crime is on a continual spiral upward in South Africa. If you want perimeter security that is seriously effective, security that not only protects your family, your home or your business, but that also makes an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property, then Topfence has the answer for you.

As the top fencing Solutions Company in Cape Town, Topfence has designed a totally unique, tamper-proof solution, offering a tamperproof, durable and affordable palisade fencing solution that’s hard to beat.

Every Topfence palisade fence is unique, designed and manufactured according to client and site specifications. They use nothing but the best for their clients, including the use of quality SABS approved materials. Thrown into this as well, is their use of galvanised steel components that have been designed to withstand the eroding elements of salty coastal conditions in and around Cape Town.

The team at Topfence will take you from a meeting on site to do meticulous measurements to your quotation free of charge, and on acceptance of their quote, also offer free assistance at the drawing board to create your tailor-made fence.

From there, your plans are passed on to the Topfence manufacturing plant, where it will manufacture your custom made palisade fencing to suit your individual requirements perfectly. Topfence is a full service company in every sense of it, taking you from start to finish without wasting your time or your budget!

You can also rest assured that only certified Topfence installers are allowed to install this affordable, unique fencing system.

Having been in the fencing industry since 2008, you can have full confidence in the ability of this friendly team to make securing your property with the best in palisade fencing, or rigid mesh fencing, an easy experience.

Why not contact this friendly team today to find out just how seriously Topfence takes your security!