Rising unemployment statistics & soaring crime make perimeter security a priority like never before

Standing at 29% for 2019 thus far, unemployment statistics are set to soar overnight as COVID-19 cripples the already embattled South African economy.

With businesses forced to close their doors, it is expected that growth will contract by around 1.5% during the first three months as the virus looms over our country.

It’s a stark reality that we’ve woken up to, but the ramifications are being felt immediately, and not only in the tragedy facing our population of 57 million people and the potential loss of life.

If China, who is the biggest importer of iron, manganese and chromium ores has had to announce a 1% decline in their growth, our mining sector will be severely impacted as it comes to a paralysing standstill.

Tourism, our second main source of income, has disappeared overnight, and, in the wake of just these two sectors collapsing, unemployment will be in figures never before experienced in this country, or worldwide.

Aside from the fact that there are just downright criminal minds and types in our world, we’ve also all known for a long time, that high unemployment rates account for a large percentage of crime, and, as things stand now, protecting our families and properties is going to be of the highest priority in South Africa.

The worst of this is that crime has become even more violent than ever before in terms of home invasions, so, it’s time to make sure that our lives and homes are protected by the right kind of security measures.

The perimeter security you choose is all that protects your property from the pavement in, making it essential that you make decisions based on solid information and guidance before you settle on your crime barrier.

The point is:

If you’re going to choose well, you need to weigh what criminologists say about the fact that high walls don’t keep crime out, but rather give criminals free range once they’ve scaled the wall, with no one any the wiser.

A fence that can be cut won’t do either, nor will one that can easily be climbed, so…

What you need is:

A fence that’s tamperproof, that can’t be climbed or cut. It needs to give a criminal no room to shelter from security patrols or from passers-by, who could alert the police to any suspicious activity timeously.

Only a palisade fence can meet these standards, and it needs to be of the highest quality to present the strongest possible defence against crime.

Bear in mind too that criminals also watch and study your movements, and they make sure they know what kind of response times they’re up against with police.

They also keep fully updated with the latest security systems, which means that they’re sophisticated enough to get around them. CCTV is highly effective with a palisade fence, as there is a clear line of site inside and outside the property, leaving no corners criminals can use to get into a property.

Where you’ll find the strongest palisade fencing in Cape Town:

After protecting families and properties since 2008, Topfence, as the market leader in fencing solutions, designs and manufactures palisade fencing that ticks all the boxes you need checked.

This unique fencing system is tamperproof, can’t be cut or climbed, and is manufactured to last from season to season and year to year without losing any of its strength, or its attractiveness.

If you’re planning to secure your family as soon as the national lockdown ends, invest in the best there is and contact the team at Topfence.

Despite closures, there will still be someone available to answer any of your questions honestly and professionally.

Please keep safe.