Keep employees safe by protecting your business with Topfence Palisade Fencing

With the high unemployment rate that existed in South Africa before the overnight arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, these figures have risen dramatically, leaving many without an income and many that have had to close their businesses during the complete lockdown in 2020.

Today, over a third of our people don’t have an income and have no way of putting food on the table, and, the negative result of this means that high levels of crime have simply soared, with even those who may never have considered committing a crime now resorting to desperate measures merely to survive.

The facts are that, as South Africans, we have the responsibility of protecting our families, employees, homes and businesses in every way possible, and, for those who are employers and have managed to keep their businesses going; the responsibility has become even greater to protect their employees from robberies.

If in 2018 armed robberies of businesses amounted to 20 047, you can well imagine what they must look like in 2021!  These are robberies that take place in broad daylight and, within seconds, gangs of robbers invade your business and change lives forever for those who survive.

Too many lives are lost in business robberies today, through the sheer lack of respect for life that has become a reality in our world, and, for those who survive, PTSD becomes a very real part of life for years to come.

Start with tough perimeter security as your first level of protection for your business and employees!

There is nothing that can guarantee the safety of your employees 100%, however, you can start by making it virtually impossible for criminals to enter your premises by erecting the toughest palisade fencing in Cape Town, working with the professionals at Topfence!

Every step you take towards securing your property is a step closer to saving the lives of your employees and protecting all that you have worked so hard to build in terms of your business.

Contact Topfence in Cape Town for affordable, durable galvanised steel palisade fencing, this is a team you can rely on to take you from measurements to drawing board and manufacture to installation without missing a step!