Secure Your Property Carefully With Quality Fencing

Are you concerned about rising crime rates? If so you’re not alone, as many householders and businesses are in the same boat. No matter how you review the statistics, the crime rate is higher than ever before, and this means that more people than ever are looking for ways to successfully secure their homes and commercial properties. At Topfence we can help. We have been manufacturing and installing attractive, effective palisade fencing solutions for some time, and with many satisfied customers across the Cape Town region, we are the market leaders in the industry.

Topfence offers a choice of designs, each of which is carefully constructed to be difficult to breach, cut or climb, and our clever designs are also constructed so that they are very difficult to hide behind. This gives you unprecedented levels of security, and we have proven success in the installations we have already provided. Our fences can be used on homes, malls, hospitals and any buildings or facilities requiring restricted access, and we are very proud of a reputation for excellent service, effective solutions and sensible prices. Come to us, and you are joining a large band of satisfied customers.

At Topfence we take great care to measure up your requirements accurately – a consultant will visit the site to carry out a thorough survey – and we manufacture your gates to fit the site. We supply both pedestrian and vehicle gates of various designs, each attractively made to match the fencing. We’re here to help Cape Town residents and businesses protect their properties, and we believe that we can do so for you. Whatever your requirements we invite you to have a look at our website, or to get in touch with us and one of the friendly, professional Topfence team will be happy to answer your questions.