If you want to stop intruders in their tracks, contact Topfence Fencing Contractors in Cape Town

If you’ve survived a burglary, whether at home or at your business, you’ll be very familiar with the sense of vulnerability and violation that is left in the wake of the trauma, and, even if you weren’t there at the time of a break-in, the sense of violation is just as great.

Not only is it a tremendous shock, but everything that comes after a home invasion or business robbery is enough to make even a grown man want to sit in a corner and cry, especially with police reports to be filed and reams of paperwork to get through if you’re insured!

With the way things are in South Africa in recent years, it’s really not worth taking chances where it concerns the safety of your family, assets and business!

While alarm systems are great for early warning systems, used on their own doesn’t make them effective enough, especially when you take into consideration that by the time the alarm sounds, burglars may already have breached your property and made off with the good, before the police or security company can do anything about it!

A super-tough perimeter security measure is the best first-level protection you can offer your family and your property…and it’s not a wall! In fact, according to statisticians, the finest first-level protection available on the market today is palisade fencing.

Add an automatic sliding gate to your palisade fencing and you’ll be affording yourself excellent protection, since it offers no place for intruders to hide. And if you add an automated gate, you’ll substantially decrease your chances of being surprised by an attacker waiting behind a wall.

Let Topfence help you stop intruders in their tracks!

With more than 10 years experience in the safety fencing industry, this is a team that’s kept a close eye on crime statistics, and, who know all the tricks of the trade to protect your family, home and commercial property.

Topfence offers palisade fencing that’s extremely durable, difficult to climb, tamper-proof and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and they’re able to offer you a one-stop service that includes all of this at affordable rates too, giving all in the Western Cape the opportunity of having a first class perimeter security system in place.  Add CCTV and you’re in the pound seats for safety!

Keeping customers safe is the number one priority for the team at Topfence and when you hire Topfence for your security fencing project, you can be sure that they’ll offer you the service excellence that’s hard to beat in the industry.

Take advantage of the superior security Topfence has to offer and stop intruders in their tracks! For an obligation free quote, help with a tailor-made design of their unique palisade fencing system and friendly expertise; give this team a call today!