Topfence Palisade Fencing protects your property in lasting style

There’s no doubt about it, Topfence has turned security fencing in the form of palisade fencing into a work of art, designing and manufacturing fencing that is undeniably tough and attractive to boot!

Being a local team of fencing contractors that self-manufacture their unique palisade fencing system, they’ve made sure that fencing, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, can withstand all that the climate in the Western Cape can throw at it and still stand tall!

Because we live in a region that is constantly under assault from salty coast air, the team at Topfence has made sure that every component used in their fencing is impervious to rust.

This means galvanised steel components, from nuts and bolts to palisade pale and the unique Topfence sandwiched fixers that keep your fence standing against all weather.

Topfence is proud to be able to produce tailor-made palisade fencing designed to follow the contours of your property, or, should you prefer, to install it in a modular form, whether for residential, commercial or industrial properties.

Many businesses, schools, parks, sports fields, hospitals, security complexes and industrial properties choose to go with rigid mesh fencing as a crime deterrent. With no foothold to be gained with this fencing, you can be absolutely sure that no one will be able to climb it.

Palisade fencing is pretty much the number one choice when it comes to introducing style and elegance to the toughest security fencing around, which is also often the choice for residential properties, security complexes and churches.

Buyers in the market for a home today are far more interested in a property that is already secured by palisade fencing, and, with Topfence Palisade Fencing, you’ll have added resale value to your property as well as bringing with the security aesthetic value that increases the curb appeal of your property.

Research has proven that high walls offer protection for criminals once they’ve gained access to your property, whereas with palisade fencing they have nowhere to hide, even if they do somehow manage to climb the fence!  They’ll be very uncomfortable being in full view of passers-by and security patrols, which makes palisade fencing the number one choice for security fencing in Cape Town.

Topfence palisade fencing is manufactured individually to suit the design of clients and on-site measurements taken at the outset of your journey to safety with Topfence.

It’s your personal taste that will determine the design of your tailor-made palisade fence, and you’ll have plenty of help from the team at Topfence at the drawing board before your design gets sent to the Topfence manufacturing plant in Cape Town.

The Topfence signature of quality also extends to pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates, rounding off the look of your property and creating an effective crime barrier second to none.

Contact the friendly team of experts at Topfence today to find out more about protecting your property with the toughest crime barrier around!