Take your security seriously, starting at the perimeter of your property

Really good security at your home or business starts from the outside in, because once someone gets onto your property, there are ways for the most determined and organised criminal to gain access to the actual building.

No matter how sophisticated security systems get, criminals go to great lengths to keep up with the latest developments, so that they are not denied their booty.

If they’re able to ambush you from inside your property, either as you come home or leave, they’ll use the opportunity to get you to turn off alarms and to lead them to what they want, which is why the perimeter security you have around the property has to be the best!

Having watched crime statistics soar in the Western Cape since they opened their doors in 2008, the team at Topfence has put considerable knowledge and experience together to develop a completely unique palisade fencing system that serves as first level security of unbeatable strength.

While a high wall may look imposing enough to keep criminals out, it’s simply an invitation to anyone determined and organised enough to scale, and then to go about their business without being observed.

A security patrol can’t climb the wall if an alarm is sounded, and most alarms switch off after a limited amount of time anyway, time in which security personnel stand outside, uncertain whether the alarm is triggered by something other than an intruder or not, and the intruder simply goes about his business, only to emerge once the patrol is gone.

We’ve become so used to alarms going off that they’re hardly noticed. Everyone that may be a bit inconvenienced by the noise simply waits it out until it cuts off on its own, which defeats the purpose.

Start with quality palisade fencing as a crime barrier, and you’ll soon find that criminals will start looking elsewhere for property easier to gain entry to, without putting themselves in danger of bodily harm.

Having worked hard to become market leaders in the fencing industry in the Western Cape, Topfence continues to dominate with a unique fencing system that’s designed specifically with the Cape Town coastal air.

Topfence palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing is designed to last, and to do so in style. Starting from the inside out, only the best in raw materials are used in the manufacture of this tough galvanised steel fencing, hence the SABS stamp of approval attached to Topfence products.

Next up is the fact the system is held together by security shear nut fasteners and uniquely designed sandwiched fixers, to make the palisade fencing completely tamperproof.

You won’t be faced with a fence that sags after one brutal Cape winter, because this team has designed a special bended horizontal section that will keep your fence standing tall, year after year.

A roll formed palisade pale designed to scare off the most intrepid intruder has an especially stiffened rib thrown into the bargain, to make sure you have the peace of mind that yours is the strongest palisade fence in Cape Town!

So, if they can’t climb it, can’t tamper with it and can’t hide behind it, you have to know that once Topfence has installed your brand new crime barrier, no one will consider it worth the effort to get onto your property.

If this sounds like the kind of crime barrier you want as the first level of security on your property, contact the friendly team at Topfence. They make it really easy for you to plan your budget around their competitive prices, which serves to make theirs the most affordable fencing solutions in Cape Town!