Choose Topfence tamper-proof palisade fencing to protect your family

Although Topfence started small, securing properties in Durbanville, Cape Town in 2008, the hard work and professional attitude of this team has, over the years, won them their place as market leaders in the fencing industry.

Today, they install fencing throughout the Western Cape, from Sea Point to Paarl, Somerset West and anywhere in-between, based on the reputation of trust they’ve earned with customers and the fact that they deliver every project on time, every time!

This friendly team of experts is committed to service excellence, which includes listening to their customers and then being able to use their expertise to provide fencing solutions based on individual requirements.

Because the team at Topfence understands the challenges that Mother Nature brings to the coastal regions around Cape Town, they knew that nothing less than a unique galvanised palisade fencing system would be able to withstand these challenges and remain standing for many years.

Using state of the art technology and using as much local material as possible in their fencing systems, whether palisade or rigid mesh, has allowed this team to offer affordable fencing to customers wanting to protect families and properties.

Choosing the toughest crime barrier in Cape Town:

As has been said many times before; the days of high walls are pretty much over if you’re looking for a truly effective crime barrier. Any determined criminal targeting your property can get over a wall, and, once over it, he is free to go about his business without interference!

On the other hand, palisade fencing or wire mesh fencing is the toughest crime barrier you can find! Your property surrounded by quality, tamper-proof fencing, is not worth the effort to a criminal looking for a soft target! Even if he does manage to get over it unscathed, he’ll have nowhere to hide once inside.

Choosing the right fencing to complement other security measures:

Alarms are important, as are burglar bars; however, if you’ve invested in CCTV, you’ll find that even with it, there’s always a blind spot somewhere if your perimeter security is a high wall, which makes it far less effective.

CCTV coverage becomes far more valuable once there is a clear line of site on and outside your property, and, if you add electric fencing to the top of your palisade fencing, you’ll be sitting pretty with the toughest crime deterrent around!

Choose Topfence Tamper-proof Palisade Fencing or Rigid Mesh Fencing!

If you’re in the market for the best in fencing solutions it’s going to cost you absolutely nothing to chat to the team at Topfence, whether it’s to figure out costs in order to draw up your budget, or to request a quotation based on free on-site measurements.