Tamperproof Palisade Fencing Is The Best Solution To Protect Your Property

Whether the property you want to protect is residential or commercial, palisade fencing is the answer for you if you’ve had enough of worrying about weaknesses in your perimeter security.

Weaknesses include those that come with high walls and low-quality fencing. With high walls, criminals have the perfect cover for getting on with their business, out of sight of anyone else.

Average everyday fencing is so easy to cut, with screws equally easy to remove, that you may as well leave a welcome mat out for anyone with criminal intent!

What you really need is fencing that removes all these options and offers no attraction for criminals, making it better in their eyes to move on to properties that have easier forms of perimeter security than yours has.

How palisade fencing makes protecting your family and property easier:

Pain is a great deterrent

Really, just how stupid a criminal would have to be to consider trying to climb palisade fencing is barely worth considering!

Those mean looking spikes at the top don’t just look scary, they promise excruciating pain if an attempt to climb fails, and no one needs to be a genius to know this.

And so is electricity!

If you want to up the expectation of pain for anyone considering entry to your property without consent, add more than just a few volts of electricity on top. You can speak to the Topfence team for a recommendation of the best companies that’ll install electric fencing for you.

Having nowhere to hide isn’t fun either

If by some herculean feat a criminal does manage to climb the fence he won’t have anywhere to hide.

Crimes are carried out removed from the line of sight of passers-by, neighbourhood watches and security patrols, which makes palisade fencing a very attractive choice for perimeter security.

Lugging tools along also won’t help criminals

It shouldn’t surprise you that more than a few criminals carry a few handy tools with them on their rounds. A wire cutter or bolt cutter do the trick nicely if the fencing isn’t tough, which is why you need to make sure that the fencing you choose is of such a quality that it can’t be cut or tampered with, which is exactly what Topfence is able to offer with their unique palisade fencing system.

Catch loiterers on CCTV

Loiterers are suspect anywhere, whether they hang around your house or your business. They are obviously up to no good if they aren’t hanging around a busy area, and in a residential suburb, this is, even more, the case.

CCTV is highly effective when used through a palisade fence. It allows you to keep on record any faces that are out of place and to keep track of suspicious movement around your home that you can alert your security company about.

Topfence is the fencing contractor that’ll make this happen! Give this awesome team a call and find out just how easy it’ll be to secure the perimeter of your property with palisade fencing designed for the Western Cape.