The good things you need to know about choosing palisade fencing

Really, the first place to start when you’re on the hunt for quality palisade fencing in Cape Town, is with a fencing contractor that’s been around for many years and has an excellent reputation all round.

If you’re going to go with someone offering you a cheap, quick-fix fencing solution, you’re going to get more of a headache than you could have bargained for.

You’ll probably have to breathe down the contractor’s neck to keep him delivering, and then, once the money is paid, you may never find him again, should you need to.

This is one experience you’ll never have with Topfence as your fencing contractors! They’ve been around for over ten years and will be around a lot longer, always available when you need them.

Now, to the good things about choosing palisade fencing through Topfence to secure your property:

  1. Palisade fencing is an awesome investment if you really want to add serious resale value to your property. Palisade fencing is exactly what buyers are looking for in this market.
  2. This is the most durable fencing possible, designed to make mince-meat of the temperamental climate in the Western Cape. It’ll handle all weather conditions and still look great.
  3. Nothing beats Topfence palisade fencing for style. It becomes an extension of your home and its style, adding aesthetic appeal to the type of perimeter security you have, the kind that turns criminals away!
  4. Kids and pets will be perfectly safe when they play outdoors when they’re protected by a palisade fence. You can see what’s happening outside the property with ease.
  5. Palisade fencing clears the way for CCTV to work effectively, which isn’t the case with a high wall.
  6. By making sure you don’t grow large shrubs along the fence, but rather along the house, you’ll be making doubly sure that a criminal has nowhere to hide on your property.
  7. Your security patrols are able to monitor your property far more effectively than they can if you have a wall. They are not allowed to climb walls, even if alarms have gone off.
  8. Criminals are unable to cut, climb or tamper with Topfence palisade fencing.
  9. Maintenance is not an issue where it comes to Topfence palisade fencing. You won’t have to spend a small fortune every year on fencing that can’t stand up to what Mother Nature has on offer in the Cape, and you most certainly won’t be sitting with a fence that’s sagging or rusting!

If a fantastic return on investment is what you expect from installing Topfence quality palisade fencing, then you’ll be smiling about it for many years to come as you reap the benefits of this unique palisade fencing system!

Having spent the last ten years protecting homes, businesses, industrial properties, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and more, you can be absolutely certain of one thing when dealing with Topfence; honest, down to earth answers that’ll put you in a position to make informed decisions about your perimeter security.

Start your quest for palisade fencing in the Western Cape by contacting the friendly team at Topfence for a hassle-free route to the toughest perimeter security you’ll find!