The Most Stylish And Secure Palisade Fencing In Cape Town

Before you decide to go anywhere else to plan your perimeter security, contact Topfence! There is nothing to lose by calling this friendly team for a free no-obligation quote, an expert from the team will meet you on-site to do a meticulous on-site inspection after which you can expect a quick response from the team as they send your free, no-obligation quote through.

You will discover that the experience and value for money that Topfence offers will be hard to turn down considering the quality of the unique Topfence palisade fencing system. Word of mouth recommendations has been phenomenal for this team and despite 12 years in the industry for the management team at Topfence, the commitment to service excellence is unwavering, gathering more and more happy clients as the years pass.

Topfence has designed and manufactured a unique system of palisade fencing specifically designed to withstand the forces of nature at the coast surrounding Cape Town using state of the art technology. SABS approved materials and galvanised components play a fundamental role in the durability of Topfence palisade fencing.

The kind of track record that Topfence palisade fencing has built up over the years inspires confidence in the ability of this team to deliver impressive service in the design of tailor-made palisade fencing which is based on the unique requirements of each Topfence client.

Topfence stands head above shoulders from their competitors in the palisade fencing industry due to the streamlined service that is offered from site inspection to design and installation of high-quality palisade fencing.

What you get when you choose Topfence is a unique system of palisade fencing that is aesthetically pleasing and offers a security barrier of uncompromising quality that cannot be cut, climbed or hidden behind, in addition to which Topfence will design and install driveway gates, sliding gates and garden fencing that is every bit as stylish and secure should it be required.

This is design innovation of the highest level and all it takes is a call to this friendly team of experts to get the ball rolling on your new great looking palisade fencing!