Topfence adds lasting value & security to your residential or commercial property

If you’ve chosen to live in beautiful Cape Town, you know that when you think about buying anything, from a car to metal window frames for your home, rust prevention is going to be at the top of your list of worries! Buying anything that can succumb easily to rust in this coastal air is tantamount to taking a match to your cash!

If its untreated steel, it’s going to rust! This is why, when it comes to a major investment like fencing as perimeter security, you’re going to want to be sure that you’re not going to have to spend a fortune in repairing and re-painting it every time a rust spot appears or the fence begins to sag!

Topfence offers you their unique palisade fencing that is specifically designed and manufactured to withstand all the eroding elements found in coastal air, the type of fencing tough enough not to be falling apart and caving in after just a season or two in Cape Town.

Once Topfence has installed your palisade fencing, you can relax into the fact that you’ll have perimeter security that never has to be replaced or repainted, taking giant-sized bites out of your budget every year.

This, along with highly competitive prices, makes absolute economic sense in a depressing economy, leaving you with an investment that will stand the test of time and look great for years to come!

Topfence is the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town, a reputation they’ve worked hard to maintain by offering outstanding professional service excellence throughout their years in the fencing industry, securing homes, commercial properties, shopping malls and schools, to name but a few, with palisade fencing that’s superior to the rest, on every level.

The use of galvanised steel components ensures every Topfence client of a tough, durable palisade fence that’ll make anyone intent on crime on think twice when they see the pointlessness of trying to get through a fence that cannot be tampered with, cut or climbed!

By today’s standards and the continuing increase in crime, especially that of violent crime, adding a quality perimeter fence of lasting value and durability to your residential or commercial property makes the most sense in terms of being a crime deterrent.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence to find out more about how they can take you through the process of designing, manufacturing and installing palisade fencing of unrivalled quality, effortlessly!