The focus at Topfence is on manufacturing tailor-made palisade fencing to suit individual needs

Topfence Palisade Fencing has done more for perimeter fencing in terms of style and durability rolled into one than most in the industry, proving that palisade fencing is a high value investment for residential and commercial property owners, adding not only resale value as a crime barrier, but added aesthetic value to your property into the bargain.

As a full-service fencing company in Cape Town, the team of experts at Topfence take their customers from site measurement to design, manufacture and installation of a unique palisade fencing system that has been designed to withstand all weather conditions around the coast.

This is what you can expect when Topfence is your choice for securing the perimeter of your property:

Free on-site measurements

As in all the free steps involved with choosing Topfence as your fencing contractor in Cape Town, there is no hard-sell approach from this team, and they do not put pressure on you to accept their assistance as you begin the journey to quality fencing.

If you’ve requested a quote from Topfence, an expert will meet you on site to take meticulous measurements that’ll form the basis of your quotation. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your options with him and find out more about whether you’d be interested in a modular fencing installation or one that follows the contours of your property.

Free no-obligation quotation

You won’t have to nag this team for your quote. They swing into action to make sure you receive your quote quickly, and, more importantly, they will offer you highly competitive prices for your tailor-made, locally manufactured palisade fencing! A combination hard to beat!

Free assistance at the drawing board

Since your Topfence Palisade Fencing will be tailor-made to your requirements, this team is more than happy to offer you free assistance at the drawing board as you design the palisade fencing that’ll be the perfect crime barrier and attractive extension to your property.

From drawing board to manufacture and installation the Topfence way:

Individually manufactured fencing

Your design will be sent to the team at the Topfence manufacturing plant in Cape Town, so that every section of your palisade fence will be manufactured individually. The manufacturing process involves the use of the finest SABS-approved local materials to produce a unique galvanised steel fencing system that is the toughest fencing around.

Durability and toughness is the name of the game for this team, and, the only way your fence will withstand the coastal climate in the Western Cape is because of this committed approach to quality during the manufacturing process.

Expert workmanship on installation of your palisade fence

Due to the fact that Topfence Palisade Fencing is such a unique design, only certified installers will be on hand to install your fence, which is simply more of the commitment to quality and service excellence that you’ll find when working with this team to secure your property!

Contact Topfence today to discuss the security of your family and property

Let the well-respected, friendly team at Topfence introduce you to a palisade fencing system that’ll make sure your family and property will be protected by the toughest crime barrier around!