Topfence brings you the strongest palisade fencing in the Western Cape

So, what has earned Topfence their place as the #1 palisade fencing company in Cape Town? The answer is far more than can fit into this space, however, using state of the art technology and SABS approved materials, combined with the use of galvanised steel components in their unique palisade fencing system is a pretty good start.

This is a team that’s all about service excellence and delivering tailor-made palisade fencing design to be a serious crime deterrent yet still exude style long after an installation.

It’s only natural that Topfence has enjoyed exponential growth since first opening its doors in 2008, which is directly as a result of the drive by this team to offer a full package to the many satisfied customers they’ve kept safe since then. There simply is no palisade fencing system that can match the durability, toughness and security that a Topfence solution can offer, with their tailor made palisade fencing.

Topfence offers customers a free, no obligation quote, so, there’s no pressure put on you from day one! This attitude of offering awesome service starts with a visit from a Topfence representative to take meticulous measurements on site, making it easy for you to find out more about what you expect of this durable palisade fencing straight from the expert at your first meeting.

You’ll know that you’re dealing with guys who know their business, they’re the real deal, and their understanding of the security concerns of their customers is their top priority from day one.

At this first meeting you’ll also find that Topfence palisade fencing can be designed to follow natural contours of your property, or it can be installed in a modular form. Everything this team touches throughout the project is don’t to suit individual client specifications and requirements, hence its tailor-made label!

There is no compromising on the quality of Topfence palisade fencing, their commitment is to provide you with perimeter security that’ll stand as formidable crime barrier and still be attractive enough to add great aesthetic value to your property, not to mention than anyone purchasing a property right now will choose palisade fencing over a high wall anytime!

How has Topfence made their fencing tamper-proof?  It’s as a result of their use of security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers in the manufacturing process that makes it tamper-proof. If that’s not enough, the use of a unique bended horizontal section eliminates the possibility of sagging, which is often one of the first things to happen to low quality fences.

With its roll-formed palisade pale and unique stiffened rib, Topfence has earned its place as the strongest palisade fencing in Cape Town!

This is one fencing solution that won’t cost you a packet in maintenance every season, which gives you every reason to call this friendly team to find out more about how they can give you the strongest palisade fencing system in Cape Town at highly competitive prices!