Contact Topfence for free on-site measurements & help with drawing up your tailor-made palisade fencing

There isn’t a fencing contractor in Cape Town that can beat Topfence for fencing designed specifically for the coastal region in the Western Cape! They’ve have taken the very best of what is on offer locally in terms of raw materials and added it all together, to manufacture galvanised steel palisade fencing that outlives season after season of our salty air and climate.

If you’re looking for the guidance of an expert in terms of fencing, then make an appointment with a Topfence consultant to meet you on site, where he’ll take meticulous measurements and share with you the various fencing options available to you, all free of charge.

Another much-appreciated freebie thrown into the mix at Topfence is that this team offers free assistance with the drawing up of the plans for your tailor-made palisade fencing system!

Having started out from their premises in Durbanville in 2008, the intervening years have seen a growth that means this unique palisade fencing system is now being installed throughout the Western Cape, from North to South to East and West. Wherever the toughest crime barrier is needed, you’ll find the Topfence team!

It’s rare these days to find anything that is of any lasting quality without paying a small fortune for it, which includes any form of security, but, because of their focus on their local roots, Topfence has managed this.

The fact that they have a local manufacturing plant adds to the competitive prices this team is able to offer clients for a highly effective perimeter security system!

There are more than enough satisfied Topfence customers who will testify to the quality and durability of the palisade fencing they’ve already owned for a long time, which should give any newcomer certainty about dealing with a team this committed to the safety of their customers!

Every palisade fence is designed to meet the individual tastes of the customer in terms of aesthetics as well as the site specifications, which gives every customer fencing that is a virtually invincible security barrier that has a ton of style.

Having been around too long to be willing to compromise on the quality of their product and workmanship, the commitment to excellence from this team remains as consistent as it did when Topfence first started protecting families and properties in Cape Town, a commitment that has made them the market leader in the industry!

While alarm systems are necessary, they’re generally only activated once an intruder is already on your property, and, if you have a wall, no one will be able to see whether there is anything suspicious happening on the property.

But, choose palisade fencing as the first level of protection for your property and family and you have the perfect setup to work well with other security measures such as CCTV, to ensure that no one even gets a chance to trip an alarm!

By default, intruders always look for soft targets, however, when faced with palisade fencing that cannot be tampered with, climbed or used as a hiding place, those with criminal intentions will think twice about breaching perimeter security as tough as Topfence palisade fencing!

If you want your home or commercial property to be as unattractive as possible to criminals, call on the Topfence team to send an expert out to do site measurements, and then to introduce you to the most competitively priced palisade fencing in the Western Cape!