Topfence manufactures top quality driveway gates in Cape Town

By today’s standards, having anything other than the toughest palisade fencing as perimeter security is passé and outdated, not when you have automated-everything on the go in any event!

High walls come tumbling down!
At the rate that crime is escalating, high walls are coming down and fencing is being raised as the number one defence against intruders, because no matter how high your wall is, someone determined enough will get over it.
Once inside your property a criminal is free to do as he pleases, without restrictions.

First level perimeter security from Topfence that’s attractive!
As your first level of protection, Topfence palisade fencing in Cape Town cannot be beaten for it’s toughness and attractiveness.
This all combines to create the perfect crime barrier for your residential or business property.

Sliding driveway gates & swing driveway gates
It stands to reason that you need to be as smart about the type of driveway gate you add to the security fencing style you have, whether you decide on a sliding driveway gate or swing driveway gate.
It’s essential to ensure security for you and your family by choosing automatic gates from the outset, once you commit to investing in security fencing!

Ready to invest in the best driveway gates in Cape Town, South Africa?
If you are, then Topfence is the team for you, without a doubt!
We are a stable company that has been securing properties in South Africa since way back in 2008, and, we are always ready and available to give you the best guidance and advice when it comes to gate automation, whether for driveway gates or pedestrian gates.

Sliding driveway gates in Cape Town are our forte at Topfence!
At Topfence in Cape Town we have everything you could possibly need that relates to perimeter security, and, where it comes to your driveway, we have the best in tailor-made automated driveway gates and pedestrian gates.
We are local manufacturers of the toughest gates you could invest in to protect your family and property in Cape Town.

We will make sure you remain safe as you enter your property!
Although caution is always essential when approaching and entering your property, whether via a sliding driveway gate or swing gate, there is nothing better for a safer entry to your property than an automated sliding driveway gate!

We have all the info you need to make informed decisions about sliding driveway gates!
We will assist you with all you need to know about swing gates and sliding driveway gates in Cape Town.Our team at Topfence in Cape Town is always available to share with you the benefit of our experience and knowledge, in an effort to guide you to an informed decision about the best automatic gates to add to your property.

Sliding driveway gates manufactured to site specifications!Gates are us!
Our solid reputation for manufacturing and installing the best in security fencing in Cape Town has earned us our position as market leaders in the industry.Sliding driveway gates or swing gates are simply the logical extension to our quality fencing.
Our gates are made according to individual site specifications, to get perfect symmetry in line with the palisade fencing style you have.

Our sliding driveway gates are designed to withstand the Cape Town coastal weather!
Come rain or shine, our galvanised steel sliding driveway gates will stand!

Gate automation tailored to your exact requirements!
We will install sliding driveway gates in Cape Town made to your tailored requirements and individual taste, making driveway security attractive, durable, and tough to boot!
A manual gate isn’t good enough for you, your family and your property!
With hijackings and home invasions at dangerous highs, taking the time to climb out of your car, open the gate and get back into your car, just isn’t worth the risk anymore, hence our passion for gate automation and automatic gates of every type and style!

Call us any time for information on prices for sliding gates & swing gates!
Perhaps all you need is information about prices with regard to sliding gates and swing gates in Cape Town.
We will be more than happy to assist you in getting figures together that’ll make planning your budget your budget for a swing gate or sliding gate a lot easier than you may have thought!

Add a swing driveway gate or sliding driveway gate to compliment your automated garage door
If your garage door is automated, it stands to reason that, if you have a driveway to negotiate, you invest in a swing or sliding driveway gate for the ultimate in security!

How to get the best free quote for driveway gates in Cape Town
If you’re looking for a sliding gate, whether driveway, pedestrian or both, our team at Topfence is just a call away to earn you the most affordable free quote you’ll find in Cape Town!

Call us for free on-site measurements
Once you’ve contacted our team for a free quote for your driveway gate, we will swing into action and send a Topfence representative out to your site to take meticulous measurements.
Once these measurements are done you’ll be well on your way to the best free quote to suit your budget and driveway!

Add curb appeal to your property with aesthetically appealing palisade fencing & gates
There can be no doubt that attractive palisade fencing finished off with stylish automatic gates will add extra curb appeal to your property!
This is of course aside from the fact that your property value will increase dramatically as well!

Contact us to add style to your driveway with sliding driveway gates or pedestrian gates
Let Topfence be your partner in securing the perimeter of your property with the toughest sliding driveway gates and swing gates in Cape Town, South Africa! We look forward to protecting your family and property, as we have done for so many others over the years!