Topfence Palisade Fencing – ready to protect your family & property in the Western Cape

The team at Topfence team began making a name for themselves in the security industry in Cape Town in 2008, and, since then have grown exponentially to serve and install their self-designed palisade fencing for clients anywhere in and around Cape Town, from Hout Bay to Grabouw and anywhere in-between!

We’re not talking about your garden-variety palisade fencing we here, this perimeter security designed to be stylish, durable and functional, designed and manufactured to SABS standards in Cape Town, for the coastal air!

These are tailor-made palisade fences, with the team designing and manufacturing this palisade fencing individually, to suit each project.

Irrespective of whether the project is big or small, Topfence brings affordable fencing solutions tailored to every budget, while retaining the exceptional standard that has made Topfence the number one palisade fencing company in the Western Cape!

Wherever you see an unattractive palisade fence that’s rusting or coming apart at the seams, you can be 100% sure certain that this team had nothing to do with it.

Topfence palisade fencing is manufactured using exceptionally high quality materials, the bulk of which is raw material sourced from local suppliers, ensuring that it’ll look as good many years down the line as it would on the day it’s!

These guys are service oriented and are so friendly that they’ll happily answer any and all questions you may have, regarding how best to go about making an informed decision with regard to having the best security fencing as protection for your family and property.

Simply put, palisade fencing puts off anyone intent on criminal activity, it’s just easier to climb a wall than it is to risk the pain that climbing this tough palisade fencing can pose. It’s just too much trouble, aside from which, they’ll be completely exposed to anyone passing by, because they’ll have nowhere to hide!

This palisade fencing system is the ultimate in perimeter security fencing for all these reasons, along with the fact that Topfence has designed their unique fencing system to withstand the rough and tough clime in the Cape well into the future, it’s a worthwhile long-term investment. Chat to any of the many satisfied Topfence customers and they’ll tell you just how well they’ve been protected by this awesome fencing!

If you’ve lived around the coast for a while, you’ll be familiar with the havoc the salt-laden air coming from the ocean brings, and you’ll also be familiar with the cost of rust repairs that are almost a price we pay for living in the most beautiful province in South Africa.

It is for this reason that the team at Topfence has made sure that all components used in the manufacture of their security fencing is made from galvanised steel, right down to the nuts and bolts that hold it together!

Beefing up the security of your property, whether commercial, industrial or residential is as easy as contacting the team at Topfence, meeting with an expert consultant on site to do measurements, at which time you can discuss the design of your tailor made fence, no strings attached!

You can look forward to receiving your quotation quickly and professionally from this team, and, it’ll be one that takes your budget into consideration along with your security, no compromises!