Choose Topfence Palisade Fencing as the most affordable & attractive crime deterrent for your property

Topfence takes the security of their clients very seriously, and they’ve been manufacturing their unique, tamper-proof palisade fencing system since 2008 to do just that, in style. In fact, they’ve taken it so seriously that it’s specifically designed for the coastal regions around Cape Town.

This has meant that this team has been able to prove that the quality of their palisade fencing has never wavered through the consistent growth this team has enjoyed over the years.

Taking the members of the Topfence team as one, there is a combined twenty years’ worth of experience to draw on in order to keep families and properties safe in Cape Town. Topfence palisade fencing isn’t your average every day fencing system, it’s been designed to be tamper-proof, hard for criminals to climb, cut or hide behind.

Above all, what makes Topfence palisade fencing tamper proof is the use of security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers in their fencing system.

In addition to this, Topfence has designed a unique bended horizontal section to protect your fence from sagging. Thrown into this impressive mix of quality is a roll formed palisade pale that boasts a stiffened rib, ensuring that no other palisade fencing can measure up to the strength and durability of Topfence palisade fencing, try as they might!

Once Topfence has installed your new palisade fence as your perimeter security it’ll make it far easier for security patrols, passers-by and neighbourhood watches to see into your property, so that they’re able to sound the alert should they see any suspicious activity. Palisade fencing also makes CCTV surveillance far more effective.

Putting up high walls will never be as effective as palisade fencing; any criminal determined enough will climb any wall, and, once inside the property will be well hidden, able to go about their business without the risk of being observed or interrupted.

It can’t be stressed enough that perimeter security need not be unsightly to be effective, and Topfence installations are proof of this in many stylishly secured properties in Cape Town. Although based in Durbanville in Cape Town, Topfence now secures properties from the Atlantic Seaboard right through to Somerset East and everywhere in-between.

Topfence palisade fencing protects properties that vary from residential to large commercial properties, all of which have enjoyed the effectiveness of Topfence palisade fencing as a durable crime deterrent for many years already.

If you’re ready for the best in perimeter fencing, let Topfence meet you on site to do free measurements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll find that this is the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, and it’s durable enough to withstand all weather conditions in this coastal region for many years to come!