Topfence – the fencing contractors who do it all for you

If you’re looking for the highest quality in palisade fencing, then Topfence is the fencing contractor in Cape Town to look up.

When you do contact them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fact that despite the level of professionalism and knowledge this team brings to their industry, you’ll be dealing with a friendly, down to earth company that puts service at the top of their list of priorities.

Topfence will take you from the first phone call right through to the installation of your unique palisade fencing system without missing a step, delivering quality on time, with a smile!

Having done their research well and maintained a steady presence in the security industry, Topfence has always kept a close eye on crime levels in the Western Cape, to make sure their fences are still protecting families and properties as well as they have since as far back as 2008

As a stable, reliable company in a leadership position, the example set by Topfence in every way is a tough act to follow in the industry. Their free assistance aimed at getting customers up and running on their way to quality palisade fencing is outstanding.

All it takes to get a good idea of what you can expect price-wise for this unique palisade fencing system is as simple as picking up the phone and dialling.

You’ll find that discussing prices is easy with these guys, they don’t need to hide anything, so, while you’re trying to sort out a budget, you’ll be given great information that’ll make it easier for you to make informed decisions about the fencing you’d like around your home or business property.

A really good way of finding out just what you’ll be in for when it comes to choosing the best in perimeter security available would be to contact Topfence for a free on-site inspection.

This inspection and the measurements that come out of it will take you directly to a no-obligation quotation, which you’ll receive as reliably as you will the superb service Topfence is known for, should you sign on the dotted line.

Having a Topfence representative on site has an added benefit in that you’ll be discussing your fencing options with an experienced professional, who’ll be more than willing to share many years’ worth of knowledge as you find your way to the perfect fence for your property.

Aesthetics are very important to this team.  It’s not just a fence they’ll be manufacturing individually for you, it’s an attractive, aesthetically appealing extension of your home or business property that you’ll be getting to, which is why the help of the team at Topfence at the drawing board will be invaluable.

With fencing of this quality, manufactured by the same company that takes you from measurement to manufacture, and finally to installation, you simply can’t do better for your security!

Topfence palisade fencing is an excellent investment that just keeps giving returns, year after year and season after season, especially in the Cape, where only the best in galvanised steel is of any lasting use against the forces of nature.

In fact, Mother Nature can have as good a go as she can, but she’s not going to get anywhere with Topfence fencing!

For palisade fencing that is the epitome of quality and durability, with a lot of style thrown in, this is the most competitively priced palisade fencing in the Western Cape.

If tamper-proof palisade fencing that you can design to be as impossible to climb as you’d like it to be, then Topfence is the team for you.  Don’t hesitate to give them a shout today, or fill in the easy online form that’ll have you in contact with these professionals in a jiffy!