Turn your home into a hard target for criminals with Topfence

As market leaders in the fencing industry, the team at Topfence have invested over ten years into retaining this position, by designing and manufacturing palisade fencing in Cape Town, ensuring that their fencing is able to withstand the coastal air in the region.

Although this team started out by protecting homes and commercial properties in Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, they have grown to such an extent that their customers are spread right across the Western Cape today.

Despite growing exponentially over the years, Topfence has never wavered in its commitment to excellence, whether in their products, workmanship or customer service.

The name Topfence is synonymous with durability and style, with this unique palisade fencing coming in as the strongest fencing on the market in the region.

Here’s what this go-to fencing contractor in Cape Town has to offer for real perimeter security:

Super strong, durable and stylish

Topfence is the one palisade fencing company that can rightly boast that their palisade fencing is a unique combination of sheer strength, durability and stylishness to boot.

They’ve made a name for themselves by introducing customers to fencing that is tailor made to their specifications, which includes assisting customers to draw up plans for the palisade fencing that will be made individually according to these specs.

Your fencing can become an attractive extension of your home, picking up details of the exterior of your home and carrying it through to the fence, as in the 2 examples below.





Why choose Topfence quality palisade fencing?

It’s tamperproof!

Even the nuts and bolts are unique and can’t be tampered with, nor can this fencing be cut.

It can’t be climbed

You get to decide on how painful the spikes on the fence will be to anyone even attempting to climb this palisade fencing, and the idea is to make it look so intimidating and painful, that criminals will look elsewhere to carry out their nefarious activities!

It can’t be hidden behind

Walls give criminals room to move without being observed, palisade fencing doesn’t, even if the one in a million actually makes it over the nasty top!

It won’t sag

Topfence has manufactured this tough palisade fencing using galvanised steel, making it ideal fencing for the coastal region, and, to make sure it won’t sag, they’ve designed a unique bended horizontal section to keep it standing straight well into the future.

It’s the strongest fencing system around

How? This team put their thinking caps on and designed a roll formed palisade pale that has a stiffened rib which makes customers, and the Topfence guys, confident that theirs is the strongest palisade fencing system around!

Add electric fencing for good measure

Electric fencing on top of your palisade fencing is the ultimate in perimeter security, and it’s worth chatting to the guys from Topfence to make sure yours will be of the very best quality.

Contact Topfence for a quote today!

You may not be in the market right now to invest in palisade fencing, but, it won’t hurt to call this expert and very friendly team to find out more about prices, in readiness for the time you need a fencing solutions company you can rely on to turn your home into a hard target for criminals.