Palisade fencing from Topfence turns perimeter security into a work of art!

There was a time when we mostly considered fencing unattractive as a crime barrier, hence the proliferation of high walls many years back, however, with the growth in technology and design, fencing has become the most attractive option for anyone wanting to effectively secure their home or business.

Today, in the hands of the experts at Topfence, palisade fencing has become a work of art that turns into an attractive extension of your property and adds great curb appeal as a result of its style.

Qualities that make Topfence Palisade Fencing tough yet stylish:

The use of galvanised steel

Topfence understands just how tough any fence needs to be to withstand the extreme weather in and around Cape Town, which is why their unique palisade fencing is manufactured using nothing less than quality galvanised steel  in every component that goes to make up a fence.

The use of SABS approved materials

Topfence uses only locally manufactured SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing, and better than this you can’t get for this coastal region.

Tamper-proof components

Topfence palisade fencing is tamper-proof due to the use of security sheer nut fasteners along with sandwiched fixers; no one is going to cut, climb or hide behind your fence!

The toughest fencing around

This unique palisade fencing system is the toughest fencing around, bringing with it durability and strength, which is achied through the use of a roll formed palisade pale with a stiffened rib.

A unique horizontal section

This horizontal section is where fences start sagging, however, through the use of the unique design of a bended horizontal section, your Topfence palisade fencing will not sag, no matter how many years and seasons go by!

Topfence gates

Topfence doesn’t stop at fencing! They offer the same quality you get from their palisade fencing in their pedestrian swing gates, sliding gates and vehicle swing gates!

Quality and service excellence you can rely on!

This is quality you can rely on, and, having been at it since 2008, you can also rely on the fact that the after-sales support you’ll get from the team at Topfence will be more than equal to the service excellence you’ll experience working with them.

Individually manufactured to suit site specifications and the tailor-made designs requested by clients, Topfence palisade fencing is the most attractive, stylish addition to your property you could invest in.

If you’re just playing around with ideas and figures before settling on exactly what you want in terms of great perimeter security, chat to the team at Topfence. They’ll share their experience with you and be more than happy to discuss prices with you if it’ll make this investment easier on you.

This is a no-pressure zone, which also means that you can expect free on-site measurements, a free, no obligation quote and free assistance at the drawing board! What more could you want from the team you’ll trust with the safety and security of your home or business?

Add aesthetic appeal and the toughest crime barrier to your property by contacting Topfence today, to discuss the next step in securing all that you value!