What Does Clearvu Fencing Cost?

Clearvu fencing, otherwise known as Clearview fencing, has become the go to solution for high level perimeter security for commercial and industrial properties, such as;

  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Parks
  • Manufacturing plants…and more!

The team at Topfence in Cape Town is a market leader in the fencing industry in South Africa, responsible for a dedicated commitment to the design, manufacture and installation of unique perimeter barriers, designed to protect properties with toughness and durability hard to find elsewhere!

This team will be able to guide you to the best fencing solution to meet with your requirements, based on the security level you require. Because this is a team of professionals, they approach each project from a fresh perspective, finding the perfect solution for each application, in order to offer clients the best in a physical barrier that cannot be breached.

In today’s world, it’s not that easy to answer a question like; what does Clearvu fencing cost? This is because of a fluctuating economy in which prices vary according to inflation and other rising costs on a regular basis.

What does Clearvu fencing cost?

Materials used in Clearvu fencing are more stable, for instance, than grocery prices are currently, however, we can look at a very basic cost for Clearvu fencing, just to introduce you to the real cost effectiveness of this quality physical barrier for your perimeter security.

There are a few contributing factors that will affect the cost of Clearvu fencing, but in very general terms, you could currently be looking at prices that range between R1000 and R1300 or so per meter of Clearvu fencing.

The type of fencing you choose will also have an impact on the price of Clearvu fencing, such as the level of security you opt for in terms of the size of the apertures in the fencing, which can range from 75mm to the highest security at 12.7mm apertures.

Essentially, the smaller the aperture, the more expensive the fence, as the smallest apertures offer the highest level of security in terms of being impossible to cut or climb.

Other factors that determine the cost of Clearvu fencing

The height and length of fence you need will have an impact on the cost of your fence, as will the materials used and whether you add spikes to the top of the fence, which is worth considering if you really want to invest in perimeter fencing that acts as the best crime deterrent on the market today!

Innovation through the use of the latest technology

Topfence has always relied on the very latest in technology to develop and manufacture their range of fencing systems, which includes their unique palisade fencing system.

Through their extensive knowledge and the use of this technology, Topfence has consistently been able to manufacture extremely high quality fencing products, and, with their commitment to using local content, are also able to offer fencing at highly competitive rates.

With this team you not only get aesthetically pleasing perimeter security, you’re also able to achieve the highest level of perimeter security that you can rely on to outlast your investment by many years!

In fact, Topfence Clearvu fencing comes with a 25-year maintenance free life, which is music to the ears of anyone needing to invest in fencing that will do what it’s designed to do; protect goods and property!

Contact Topfence today to find out more about how they can secure your world with their quality Clearvu fencing, brought to you with a service excellence that’s hard to find today!

This team has a genuine interest in your security, which means you can rely on them to find the best fencing solutions to suit your requirements and applications!