What is Clearvu Fence Made of?

If you’re planning to upgrade your fencing or are ready to install new fencing in order to protect your commercial or industrial property, you may want to consider the value of Clearvu fencing, which would lead you to the question; what is Clearvu fence made of?

Before we get to what Clearvu fencing is made of, you may want to take into account the weather conditions the fence will be dealing with, especially if you are located in Cape Town.

Rust goes with the territory in this coastal region, which means you really need to think hard about how long you want your fence to stand in good condition, minus rust, without spending a fortune on maintenance every year.

The idea of Clearvu fencing is to offer you the highest level in terms of a crime deterrent around the perimeter of your home or business, since security is at an all-time high, what with crime levels that are higher than ever before.

Any criminal looks for the easiest opportunities of getting onto your property to carry out their activities, which invariably cost you in terms of loss of goods, damage to machinery and property.

High unemployment accompanied with high levels of crime that get more sophisticated by the day, have led to business owners having to take a serious look at the best options on the market in terms of physical barriers, and there is nothing on the market that makes more sense than Clearvu fencing.

What is Clearvu fence made of?

Clearvu fencing is made with either a standard finish, which won’t do you much good around the coast, or with a PVC finish and galvanized finish, which is best for these weather conditions and salt-laden air in terms of durability and longevity.

What makes Clearvu fencing even more appealing than the sheer security it offers, is the fact that it’s aesthetically appealing. Clearvu fencing can be painted any colour you require, adding an attractive extension to your property that offers you the security of a wall, without blocking out your view of the property.

This means that if you use CCTV surveillance as an additional security measure, you’re going to get the most out of this system, specifically because of the clear line of sight it offers.

How much perimeter security do you want?

Although the choice of PVC coated or galvanized Clearvu fencing will cost you more than the standard finish would, you’ll be looking at one of the most cost-effective methods of securing the perimeter of your property with unbeatable fencing.

You’ll sleep a lot easier knowing that Clearvu fencing can’t be cut or climbed, and by choosing as small an aperture in the fence you’ll really be beefing up your perimeter security, and you’ll put off any opportunistic would-be intruders from even wasting the time and effort of getting onto your property.

Why choose Topfence Clearvu fencing?

Topfence Clearvu fencing boasts unique posts and a fixing system that makes their fencing nigh on impossible to tamper with or breakthrough, in addition to which, the fence is dug so deep that it’s impossible to burrow under.

If the idea of a fence this tough appeals to you, then contact the awesome team of security experts at Topfence to find out more about prices on their trusted Topfence Clearvu fencing, designed and manufactured to give you peace of mind and the best in perimeter security!