What Is the Cheapest Privacy Fence?

Under the current circumstances, when it comes to increasing crime rates, it’s not surprising that people are asking the question; what is the cheapest privacy fence?

The answer to this question depends on why you want the fence, whether it’s really just for privacy, or whether it’s to keep your family and property safe, with the most durable crime barrier on the market.

In one sense, cheap means easy to cut, climb and tamper with, which leaves you with virtually no security. It can also mean that you could pay less initially and then spend a small fortune on maintenance every year, depending on just how bad the quality of the fence is.

We’re going to focus on the best quality privacy fence at the most affordable prices, the kind of fence that lasts for many years, without maintenance.

It’s also the type of fence that can’t be cut, climbed or tampered with, which, when taken together with the above, means real cost effectiveness, and easily equals the cheapest privacy fence in the long run.

What is the cheapest privacy fence?

Now we’ll introduce you to the most affordable, cost effective privacy fence in Cape Town. This is Topfence Clearview fencing designed by Topfence to act as an attractive, transparent addition to all types of property, giving you the security of a solid wall, minus the shortcomings of a wall.

The innovative, intricate arrangement of wires in the plastic coated Topfence Clearview fencing, is designed to make it virtually impossible to cut or climb this unique fencing system.

Everything is unique about this locally manufactured fencing system, designed by a team that has been in the fencing industry since 2008, including the fixing system and fencing post that makes it impossible to break through this fence, or to tamper with it.

What makes Topfence Clearview fencing one of the cheapest privacy fences on the market today? Well, it’s about the quality that gives you a 25-year maintenance free lifetime, and at affordable prices for this quality, you simply can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an excellent investment.

A reputation that goes back to 2008

Having opened their doors in 2008, there can be no doubt that the innovative team at Topfence has earned their place as market leaders in the fencing industry in Cape Town.

They’ve also earned a superb reputation for customer service, guiding customers from drawing board to individual manufacture of each fence, and from there, to excellent workmanship during installation.

This is a team that will always be there in terms of after sales service, proving that from start to finish and beyond, customers are happy to work with Topfence.

Contact Topfence about great finance options!

Topfence has always cared about the security of their customers, taking it a step further, by making it a little easier for homeowners to secure their properties with their easy finance options.

You may not have ready cash lying around to secure your family and property, which is why Topfence has teamed up with a registered credit provider, to give Topfence customers up to 24 months to pay for the best in fencing.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence today, to find out more about what they can do to match your budget with your dream fence!